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Where To Buy The ~Chunky~ Clay Rings You've Been Seeing All Over Instagram

where to buy chunky rings
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One of the things you have to know about me is that I love the ~*aesthetic*~ of the early 2000s. Despite being a child during that time (LOL), I've consumed enough content as I grew older to know what was trendy during that era. It also helps that brands are releasing Y2K-inspired collections, making the fashion of the early aughts more accessible to everyone.

One of the trends I noticed making waves on Insta are rings made out of polymer clay, resin, or acrylic. They come in all sorts of designs and are vibrant and chunky—in fact, the chunkier, the better! You can wear them alone or stack them on top of each other for the ultimate Y2K throwback.

Ready to start your collection? Check out these online shops that sell Y2K-inspired rings:

Online Shops That Sell Y2K-Inspired Clay + Resin Rings

1. Shop Poppy

Follow them: @shoppoppy_

These acrylic rings from Shop Poppy come in the cutest colors and each one is topped with a gem.

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2. Abubot ni Nene

Follow them: @abubotninene

Aside from selling super cute beaded accessories, Abubot ni Nene also offers handmade polymer clay rings that come in themed sets.

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3. mon cher moi

Follow them: @monchermoi

We first spotted this brand from Elisse Joson, and we quickly fell in love with their quirky designs! The rings are made of brass, so you can be sure that they're very sturdy. They're an LA-based brand, but they offer worldwide shipping on their website.

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4. Dear Alesa

Follow them: @dearalesa

If you're into dried flowers, you're going to love these resin rings from Dear Alesa. They also contain gold flakes to make the accessories look *extra* fancy.

5. Pathetic.xx

Follow them: @pathetic.xx

The handmade rings from Pathetic.xx have all sorts of gems and beads embedded in the clay that gives a cool and quirky vibe.

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6. enessa

Follow them: @enessaph

How cute are these rings from enessa? Aside from clay ones, they also offer ones that are made of wire.

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7. Luad Studio

Follow them: @luadstudio

We're *obsessed* with the swirly designs of their rings—very unique!

8. Tropik Beatnik

Follow them: @tropikbeatnik

These rings from Tropik Beatnik are the definition of chunky, and they're so cute! Dubbed the Doughnut rings, they also have a ton of beads embedded in them.

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9. Jollibeads

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The shapes and designs of clay rings are usually swirls or trendy prints, but these Sanrio-inspired rings from Jollibeads are very unique! 

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10. Anting

Follow them:

Another shop that sells ~*unique*~ clay ring designs, we particularly love the boob design posted here—so cute!

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