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The denim jacket is a closet staple for more reasons than one.
When you think of an easy-to-style outerwear, a denim jacket almost instantly comes to mind. Whether you like your blues tailored or oversized, there's just something about this jacket style that works with almost any outfit.Levis Strauss,
I wish I knew of this sooner.
I'm obsessed with jeans. I have a set of denim pants in a drawer, and I have several piles in my closet. More often than not, I have a hard time finding the pair I want to wear on a
You know, the tiny one inside your actual pocket.
Ever wondered what those jeans pockets are for? Not the regular-sized ones, though (as they're obvs for things like your phone and loose change). Nope, we're talking about those small pockets nestled inside the regular-sized ones,
From casual to sophisticated.
After more than a year of staying at home most of our lives, we get to a point that we want to dress up. Our denim pants, shorts, and jean jackets are probably the most neglected items in your wardrobe. They'
NGL, those big holes are hard to miss!
Almost everyone owns a pair of jeans because they're super easy to mix and match with clothes. Plus, they're available in different styles that can suit our taste and body type.Fashionista Heart Evangelista decided to take a
Save your fave outfit pegs!
The very idea of wearing sneakers is a dream: They're comfortable, stylish, and honestly, they can be paired with any outfit. From the typical tee-and-jeans to something as charming as dresses. If you're looking for a
And we're 100 percent into it!
It looks like we've given up on skinny jeans (or maybe we're just on a break with them). We've been spotting celebs, influencers, and Pinays embrace a more relaxed fit: Wide-leg and baggy jeans are
And how to restore the color of your already-faded pair.
Black jeans are a wardrobe staple for a reason: they're incredibly versatile. Whether you're popping down to the local shops or getting ready for a night out (ah, remember the days?), the denim number is a fail-safe
Stealing her looks!
We always see Heart Evangelista clad in elegant dresses and tailored suits. So whenever she would post outfits that feature denim jeans, aka the one closet item that we have in common with her, we couldn't help but take down
Here are five different ways to do it.
Cuffing your jeans is an extremely simple way to add a lil detail to your regular denim look. While it's had somewhat of an uncool rep in the past, the style is coming back and looks chicer than ever.You
Get that perfect fit!
A pair of jeans is such a staple in every Pinay's wardrobe, and you can find it anywhere. Plus, whatever your budget may be, you could still purchase a good pair. The hard part is finding the best, most flattering
Sorry, skinny jeans.
While I do agree that skinny jeans are a classic cut, no one can't convince me otherwise that loose, baggy silhouettes are becoming popular. From wide-leg to mom jeans, I've seen a lot of Pinays opt for
Only cool, winning 'fits here.
White tops and denim jeans are definitely trend-proof, so we always find ourselves using them as a failsafe style formula. And, it doesn't matter what your signature style is: Whether it's feminine, classic, or streetwear, it'
It's pure genius!
You know this all too well: You buy a pair of jeans that looks so good on your bum and fits well on your thighs, only to find out that it's too big for your waist. It's a
Maximize this closet staple!
Like jeans, denim jackets go with practically everything in your closet, so we can't blame you if you've been wearing yours on-repeat! Here's how you can further maximize this versatile outerwear:This story originally appeared
An icon, really.
She's yuOr LOcq4l j3j3 gHu?-rl. She tweets and posts the funniest content on the internet and has collaborated with the biggest names in local showbiz on YouTube. (#LoveMariePrayForUs happened because of her, LOL.)There's no denying that we're
Minimum effort, maximum style.
Shorts are a staple in every Filipina's closet (thanks to our super humid weather!) but that doesn't mean you should be wearing what everyone else is wearing. Below, a few pairs of non-boring shorts that deserve your attention.Thank
Love denim? Bookmark this style guide!
Jeans are a reliable, round-the-clock closet piece. They're comfortable enough to be worn from day to night and versatile enough to be dressed up or down. But how exactly can you put a modern spin to your favorite
From stripes to chunky sneaks.
2018 was a rollercoaster of a year, and we all deserve a pat on our back for making it this far! To get you feeling a little bit ~nostalgic~, here's a quick look back on the fashion trends celebs couldn&#
Stay warm and stylish with these options!
For all you lamigin girls, here are some chic and unique outerwear finds you need to get your hands on, stat:Camouflage will never go out of style-at least in our book. All you really need is the courage to wear