It takes a lot to make one look undead.
Aside from great actors and a well-written script, the success of Kingdom can be credited to the show's flesh-hungry zombies. They look really undead and ready to attack-you could feel shivers down your spine as you watch
His reaction is priceless!
By now, you've probably watched-and rewatched-Season 2 of hit zombie series Kingdom. And we're sure Ryu Seung Ryong's performance as the evil chief state councilor Cho Hak-ju both amazed you and made you
Here are more reasons to love our favorite zombie squad!
We recently spoke with the cast of Netflix's Kingdom about their second season via video conference (getting a taste of what press conferences are going to be like in the time of COVID-19). And as a real-life pandemic
She wasn't always *evil* Queen Cho!
We were all in awe of Kim Hye Jun after seeing her as *evil* Queen Cho in the hit zombie series Kingdom! In the show-SPOILER ALERT-Queen Cho fakes a pregnancy just to produce a male heir for the throne. She
Hindi naman pala harmful yung zombies, LOL!
Have you finished binge-watching Kingdom Season 2 yet? We can't get over THAT ending and the possibility of a third season! While we're all waiting for updates, here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the show,
'I sat on the edge of my seat, LITERALLY, while attempting to figure out who will and won't survive.'
Kingdom is back from the dead (technically, a 13-month hiatus) as Season 2 picks up from the first season's big cliffhanger, with Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji Hoon) and his men trying to fend off the undead horde-
Including 'Descendants Of The Sun', 'Goblin', and more!
You'll never run out of K-dramas to watch, but some titles stand out and cause a craze amongst casual viewers and hardcore fans alike. The 2000s gave rise to OG classics like Winter Sonata and Boys Over Flowers, but
According to 'Kingdom' screenwriter Kim Eun-Hee, working with Netflix is 'liberating.'
If you've been watching K-dramas since the first Hallyu wave back in the mid-2000s (we're talking Full House, the Endless Love series, and the like!) then it's safe to say that Netflix's
P.S. No spoilers here!
The much-anticipated second season of Kingdom dropped on Netflix yesterday, March 13! In Kingdom, a mysterious disease that turns people into flesh-eating monsters takes over Joseon. Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji Hoon) has his hands full trying to stop
Whether you like zombies, politics, or history, there's something here for you!
We'll be the first to say that there's nothing that's exactly like the Korean Netflix Original Kingdom. It's not like zombies in a period drama are an all too common trope, but we welcome
We bet you fell in love with him in 'Princess Hours!'
The second season of Kingdom is coming up, and we'll finally get to see what happens next after more than a year! If you want to see more of Ju Ji Hoon, aka Prince Lee Chang, here are five movies
Are you ready for more Studio Ghibli + Pinoy films?
Can you believe it's already March? We're always on the lookout for new ~content~ for our binge-watching sessions, so here's what's coming to Netflix this month: Yes, you can finally watch the Studio
The series will begin streaming on Netflix on February 21!
Kingdom star Ju Ji Hoon is starring in the upcoming Netflix series, Hyena, that will begin streaming on the platform on February 21.On YouTube, Netflix Asia released a teaser trailer for the upcoming series:Starring alongside Ji Hoon is actress Kim
The zombies are back!
The idea of zombies in Joseon dynasty-era Korea might seem absurd, but Netflix original Kingdom makes it work. The second season's premiere was announced in October 2019, with teasers for the upcoming season getting everyone hyped (and in the
It looks like it's going to be a bloody second season!
ICYMI, the second season of the K-drama zombie series Kingdom is coming back for a second season on Netflix in March 2020. Just several months before the much-awaited show returns on the streaming platform, Netflix Korea released not one, but
Kingdom fans, listen up!Jun Ji Hyun is actually set to appear in season two of the Netflix zombie K-drama. OMG!She's reportedly going to be in the season two finale and will be a lead character in season
It's slated for a 2020 release.
If you loved the first season of the K-drama zombie series Kingdom on Netflix, then we've got exciting news for you!On Twitter, Netflix Philippines shared that the second season is coming to the video streaming platform in March 2020!
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