How different things could have been.
Love Actually is one of those movies we know everything about. We've pulled out the plot holes, gone into excruciating detail about why Juliet is the worst, and asked all the questions that still need answering about the movie 15 (!)
A film about love? More like SORROW AND DEVASTATION.
Considering Love Actually is supposed to be a movie about love, it actually contains a whole lot of heartbreak. Well for the humble viewer it does, anyway. We've rounded up the 10 of the most wobbly moments in our favorite
The characters are terrible people, let's start there.
Tis the season to rewatch your favorite Christmas movies in an effort to get into the holiday spirit. Which means Love Actually is probably in your queue right now. Because it's, like, "the best," right?! WRONG.And before you even
It is ACTUALLY happening.
The 2003 rom-com classic and our fave film of all time Love Actually is actually getting a sequel! It is said to be only be 10 minutes short and is part of a Red Nose Day special, a fund-raising event
No, it's not okay to kiss your husband's best friend just because he appears outside your house with signs. Sorry, nope.
As Christmas rolls round again, so too does the compulsory Love Actually viewing. This year, we watched the film early and created a definitive ranking of how little love there actually is in the film-so are you ready for your festive
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