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Freeloads and creeps, ugh.
Stress in the office and bosses with too-high expectations are the worst. Add slacking teammates, freeloaders, and creeps to the mix, and you've got yourself a daily dose of headaches and eye rolls. Check out these cringe-worthy stories some
Lock down the basics and you’re all set.
Whether you've got a glamorous walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw or a modest cabinet in your apartment, the dilemma of having "nothing to wear" will always be a recurring theme in every woman's life. To make your pre-work
Welcome to the new BLK HQ!
Anne Curtis and Jacqe Gutierrez, her business partner, teamed up with Crate & Barrel Philippines to make sure the BLK HQ is as chic as their brand. When you enter, the first thing you'll see is a neon pink sign that
No, we're not just talking about snacks.
If you're like most young professionals, you probably spend most of your waking hours in the office. Some do it out of necessity, while others can't think of another place they'd rather be. Whatever the reason
Which one are you?
Among your work friends, are you the clingy one? Or the one who always takes breaks? Which officemate are you? Find out in this video![youtube:{"videoId":"120","youtubeId":"NyBEICM765I", "caption":""}]***Get to know our Cosmo Cam Crew, Alex, Angela, Chase, Eli,
There's no denying the power of scent.
We know how important spritzing the right perfume on is, and how finding your signature scent is one of life's most satisfying feelings, but what about the place where you come home every night to decompress and, y'know,