Asking for a friend.
You're at brunch with your BFF (the one who overshares and you love her for it) when she mentions how her latest hookup made her orgasm so many times she had to strip her sheets at 3:00 a.m. because
'I could crush them with my thighs right now if I wanted...'
Ah, cunnilingus. It's fingering's hotter, better, more fun cousin. Not only is it great because of the pleasure that comes from it, but just like in the shower, it's also a time when women can get most of our
Because two or three is better than one.
Can you have multiple orgasms? Well...maybe! About 47 percent of women report experiencing more than one orgasm in a row, according to a study by OMGYES, the Indiana University School of Public Health, and the Kinsey Institute.One pro tip that
Who knew?
This will sound odd, but also revolutionary. Dr. Vicki Belo, the brains behind the Belo Medical Group, shared v important news that can help women enjoy sex more. She told Cosmopolitan that they actually have filler injections to help women orgasm.Intriguing,
More pleasure for you!
No one else can talk about sex like Cosmo, so let's get to it: There's a little-known procedure called Thermiva specifically made for women who've lost tightness in their vagina due to age or childbirth.
Yes, this v important research involves rabbits and a will to know WHY.
Scientists just published a new study looking at bunnies having sex while on prozac to determine their theory that the female orgasm is useful beyond just reproductive needs. Yep! (You can read that over again, but you read it right the first
Honestly, they’re not a thing. They never have been.
Guys are still out here believing and hawking the "blue ball" myth. This is the school of thought that when a man gets aroused, but for whatever reason (ahem, you not being interested in going that far perhaps?) is prevented from ejaculating.
It depends.
While you and your partner might have dabbled in cock rings to help solve an erection issue or just for fun, do the things actually have any effect on the strength of your orgasms? We spoke to a few experts and here'
And nope, it’s not the same as edging.
While some of us consider it a win if we have an orgasm at all during sex, for others, orgasm play such as forced or ruined orgasms is just another way of having the best sexual experience possible.Here, Carol Queen, PhD,
Despite the name, you’re in full control here.
If you've never heard of a forced orgasm before, the name can understandably be confusing AF. Why would anyone have to "force" an orgasm to happen when it's already the best feeling? Isn't it the same as saying "forced
Orgasms shouldn’t be the goal of sex, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting it!
Orgasms, as wonderful and seemingly life-altering as they are, aren't guaranteed every time you have sex-and honestly, they shouldn't be the end goal, anyway. Sex could still be a great experience even without the Big O. But wanting
We're over here crying, and he's over there having an epiphany.
It's late Saturday night. You and your guy are lying in bed panting. While you're considering going another round or eating that leftover pizza in the fridge, he has a smug look on his face, staring up at the ceiling
I mean, your clitoris is on the OUTside after all.
Everyone remembers their first orgasm with a partner. Mine came when I was *dry humping* my high school man in the back of his car at our local drive-in (Yes, we were a cliché. Sue me!). Not quite ready to have
As great as orgasms are, they shouldn't always been seen as the goal of sex.
Learning how to orgasm is basically a rite of passage for women and anyone with a vagina. And certainly not as simple as porn and movie sex scenes would have us think. Whether you know how to masturbate to make yourself orgasm,
You're forgiven if you haven't been counting.
First, you have to wrap your mind around the number four, which is the number of stages the legendary sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson said are contained in the human sexual response. From what they observed in the 1960s, people
Reach your peak every time.
Yes, passionate, energetic, never-knew-my-body-could-bend-that-way sex might keep your love life feelin' fresh. But if you want to figure out your body and what absolutely gives you an orgasm every time, starting smaller can yield
It's like when you crack your knuckles, except all over your whole body.
Every woman has wondered what the male orgasm feels like at one point or another. When you have different sex organs, you can't help but wonder or feel at least a little curious about what their experience is like. Here,
Simultaneous orgasms are equivalent to getting free dessert!
Yes, simultaneous orgasm seems to always magically and effortlessly happen in movies because the two people are ~soul mates~ or whatever. In reality, orgasming at the same time is neither necessary nor easy, but if you're dead set on it as
It's like a regular orgasm on steroids, mmk?
Much like an assortment of chocolates, orgasms come in all different shapes and sizes. Stimulating different parts of your body can result in a variety of orgasmic sensations, and one of those parts of the body just so happens to be the
Yes, it's also a part of the clitoris.
There is a scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte talks about never seeing her vagina and having no idea what ~*really*~ goes on down there. This is something a lot of Pinays can relate to, thanks to the absurd stigma
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