Which means that huge engagement ring is officially retired.
Paris Hilton and fiancé Chris Zylka have split, a source confirmed to People. The two had been engaged for 11 months."They broke up a few weeks ago," the source said. "The relationship moved very fast, and she realized it wasn'
Some of these are SO good.
Halloween is the holiday that just keeps giving because, in addition to the candy and spooky movies, it's also the time when celebrities love to go all out with their costumes, and this year was no exception. Here are the
Magical and impressive!
The most wonderful time of the year-Halloween-also means dress up for many of your favorite stars in Hollywood and beyond. Enter: celebrities as Disney princesses, villains, and the supporting characters you love to well, support. Here are some of the
Julia Barretto made heads turn when she arrived at the 2018 ABS-CBN Ball (formerly the Star Magic Ball) in a short, sexy pink number that's inspired by Paris Hilton's iconic birthday dress from the '00s! If
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Guests at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party, which was held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, brought their A-game to the New York Fashion Week event. Both The Cut and Elle featured Heart Evangelista in their best-
Oh, your closet doesn't have a bar or a champagne doorbell, too?
Celebrities love their closets as much as they love their Birkin bags. And it's easy to see why: crystal chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling shelves of Louboutins, fridges full of Fiji, and champagne doorbells (yeah, we'll get to that).
Girl keeps it real.
Being the wife of one of the greatest athletes in history gives Jinkee Pacquaio access to the biggest celebs in the world. One might think she'd be too ~cool~ to ask for a selfie from her idols, but girl keeps
It's the reunion of the decade!
Longtime BFFs (Except for that whole iconic 2005-and-onward falling out because Nicole "[knew] what she did.") Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie hung out at an event in L.A. on April 8, 2018. Though the only photo available for purchase
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Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero stripped down to their birthday suits while on their vacation at The Farm at San Benito, Lipa. You know these two won't have to worry about tan lines. ;) Bea Alonzo unfollowed rumored boyfriend Gerald Anderson
We would have totally fangirled like Maxx!
We love it when artistas act just like us, especially when they fangirl over their fave stars. Case in point: Maxene Magalona. The newlywed Kapamilya actress couldn't help but notice that Paris Hilton herself actually liked one of her Instagram
'I am so excited to be engaged to the love of my life and my best friend.'
Paris Hilton announced on Tuesday that she's engaged to boyfriend Chris Zylka. "I am so excited to be engaged to the love of my life and my best friend," Paris told People. "I have never felt so happy, safe, and
Like, she wishes.
There are lots of crazy things going on in the world today, it'd be hard for anyone to deny that. That said, there's 2017 crazy and there's "Wait, did Paris Hilton just claim she INVENTED SELFIES?!"
Seeing double!
Kendall Jenner freely admits that Paris Hilton is one of her fashion icons. You probably remember when she copied one of Paris's most famous looks-her infamous backless, chainmail dress-for her birthday in November 2016. "Paris is a family friend,
That's not hot.
It's no surprise that reality TV is scripted and pretty far removed from actual reality, but even that knowledge didn't soften the blow when reality TV pioneer, Paris Hilton, revealed that her entire persona on The Simple Life was an
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1 Dennis Padilla, a comedian and the dad of Julia Barretto, was rumored to have ignored James Reid when they saw each other in a game show. The young heartthrob says that he "never met [her] father." Where's all this coming
Who's laughing now, huh?!
TBH, we didn't even want to report on the Paris Hilton plane crash hoax because it's distressing and not funny at all to watch someone think they're about to die.Paris Hilton was secretly filmed in an aeroplane in
That's hot.
Paris Hilton is back!Okay, fine, she didn't come to the Philippines to party. But the hotel heiress teamed up with Century Properties to unveil her first real estate project called the Paris Beach Club at the Azure Urban Resort Residences
Paris Hilton has vowed to make Lindsay Lohan "pay" for allegedly ordering an attack on her younger brother Barron.
Paris Hilton lashed out after her younger sibling, Barron, was rushed to hospital in Miami, Florida on Friday night (December 6, 2013), hours after he was beaten up at a party and accused Lindsay Lohan, 27, of being responsible for the incident.
Grab a bag that the global style icon herself designed and cop her Manila style. After looking at over 100 photos, we're sure you can nail it.
Paris Hilton's recent stay in Manila may have revolved around her newest real estate endeavor with a local property corporation, but she also had more fashionable reasons behind her visit.On her last day in the Philippines, she made her way
The fab hotel heiress and style icon is like a walking, talking Barbie. Watch her gush about her <i>Pinay</i> fans and give inspiring tips to chicks like her in this interview video.
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