Yes, there’s life outside the metro.
Wake up, work hard, endure mind-numbing traffic, repeat-if this is your life as a Metro Manila dweller, chances are you've wondered what life is like beyond the landscape of stress-filled spaces and grime-filled streets that you've
'Sinagot niya ako nung Christmas.'
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And all you want to say is, 'Stay out of my business!'
We're sure you've been getting these questions almost every day for as long as you could remember. You're probably used to it by now. It doesn't make it less offensive (or less irritating) though. VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Trina
They’re living the dream.
Name: Camille PilarAge: 28Occupation: Writer; barista, El Union Coffee Current place of residence: San Juan, La UnionWhere did you live before moving to La Union, and what was your job then?I lived in an apartment in Kapitolyo, Pasig and worked at
#LikeYourself every single day, CGs!
INSTAGRAM: deniseherediaaa, renmngsngWith so much girl-on-girl hate going on IRL and on social media, it has gotten absolutely exhausting seeing and hearing women tear each other apart.We at Cosmopolitan Philippines are trying to STOP the hate with a little
Studies show that staying true to yourself is the secret to being happy. Answer these Qs to get to know your genuine personality.
Right now is when you make major choices, like which field to work in, which friends to stay close with, and so much more. Sorry to add to the pressure of figuring out who you are and what's right for you,
We pick our favorites from the working gals who sent in their photos for the Style Paparazzi challenge. See who made the cut!
We're thrilled with the crop of office fashionistas who gamely took on our first Style Paparazzi reader mission, Style Paparazzi: Career Edition! Scouring through all the snapshots that came in and selecting our picks was a big challenge for us, because
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