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'Sinagot niya ako nung Christmas.'
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And all you want to say is, 'Stay out of my business!'
We're sure you've been getting these questions almost every day for as long as you could remember. You're probably used to it by now. It doesn't make it less offensive (or less irritating) though. VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Trina
They’re living the dream.
Name: Camille PilarAge: 28Occupation: Writer; barista, El Union Coffee Current place of residence: San Juan, La UnionWhere did you live before moving to La Union, and what was your job then?I lived in an apartment in Kapitolyo, Pasig and worked at
Thanks a lot, Spain.
Do you have three, four, five first names? Yung tipong 'di na kasya sa application form yung whole name mo? Then we know you'll find the following ~struggles~ so relatable. "My parents decided to name me after my Spanish
#LikeYourself every single day, CGs!
INSTAGRAM: deniseherediaaa, renmngsngWith so much girl-on-girl hate going on IRL and on social media, it has gotten absolutely exhausting seeing and hearing women tear each other apart.We at Cosmopolitan Philippines are trying to STOP the hate with a little
Studies show that staying true to yourself is the secret to being happy. Answer these Qs to get to know your genuine personality.
Right now is when you make major choices, like which field to work in, which friends to stay close with, and so much more. Sorry to add to the pressure of figuring out who you are and what's right for you,
We pick our favorites from the working gals who sent in their photos for the Style Paparazzi challenge. See who made the cut!
We're thrilled with the crop of office fashionistas who gamely took on our first Style Paparazzi reader mission, Style Paparazzi: Career Edition! Scouring through all the snapshots that came in and selecting our picks was a big challenge for us, because
Calling all office stylistas! Send us a pic of a fashionably fab you at work, and we just might put you in Style Paparazzi: Career Edition!
It's always a thrill for us to go on Style Paparazzi missions, because each stylish chica we snap is proof positive that fun, fearless Filipinas are fans of self-expression through fashion. (Plus, we get to pick up style pointers from
At Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012, we asked the stylish girls we spotted where they'd love to jet-set to if time and money would permit.
With this five-day break now upon us, we can't help but daydream about traveling, can we? We all have that one place on earth we dream of visiting. And for jet-setting fashionistas, this dream involves having the perfect excuse
At an event that celebrated the 100 Sexiest Women in the World, these chicks dress in their hottest garb--and define what is <i>sexy</i> for them.
While we all have a general idea of what we would call sexy, different people interpret this word in different terms. Sometimes, what's sexy to women is not what men would call sexy. And, what you would consider a sexy outfit
You've seen the designer purses of our featured celebrities--now see what's in the purses of Cosmo readers like you!
Ever since launched in 2009, the What's In My Bag? section has been the most popular among readers. It's easy to see why. Everyone loves sneaking a peek into the private lives of celebs, and this includes seeing
It's date season! So, at a fashion show for Levi's, Cosmo asked the chic gals we spotted about their fashion wish list for men.
Who says we ladies are the only ones who have to worry about what we'll wear on Valentine's Day? Men need to look darn good, too! They don't need to sport the latest trends; they just need to look
Designer pieces have become attainable for more Pinays. So we asked these fashion-forward chicks about their most affordable luxury.
Kashieca debuted its new collection, Kashieca Luxe, with a show-stopping fashion show featuring wearable and affordable elegance by designer Randy Ortiz. Drapes and layers are key elements of this sophisticated collaboration, reminiscent of graceful feminine silhouettes, and personified by Randy's
These ladies and Barbie have something in common: they love clothes. See these fashionistas' sophisticated outfits and know their shopping budgets!
If you love fashion, we won't be surprised that you played with Barbie dolls when you were a kid and enjoyed dressing her up in pretty clothes. Barbie is not only a fashion doll; she's also a fashion icon to
Celebrate and flaunt your own style, as these fashionable chicks did. Do any of them match yours?
Personal style defines a person. Whether we like it or not, how we dress is one of the easiest ways people get to know us. Be it inspired by our style icons, based on our preference for comfort or the fab, or
When Cosmo attended a fashion walk-off event, we <em>also </em>spotted <em>fasyon</em> ladies among the audience. See what they were wearing.
Young female fans of US act Owl City flocked to their recent Manila concert. Cosmo caught the most effortlessly stylish of them all, and asked them about summer fashion.
What do college chicks bring to school these days? We took a peek inside the school bags of three students from De La Salle University to find out.
Cosmo’s Style Paparazzi hit the college scene, and asked these university fashionistas what their new look for school in 2010 will be.
In a male-dominated drinking party, these chicks not only earned certificates for passing Absolut Vodka 101, they also scored high in our head-turning meter.