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Step up your eyeshadow game.
The smoky eye makeup is the go-to look of anyone who wants to go glam. The deep, dramatic hues and dreamy diffused colors create a very photogenic sultry look. Case in point: The Kardashians are obsessed with the smoky eye makeup,
Blackheads? Breakouts? Dry Skin? I gotchu.
Is your skin acting up? Have you rewatched all seven episodes of Tiger King? Are you pacing around your apartment with no end in sight? Cool, same-that's why we're making DIY face masks tonight. Don't
Again, we've been doing it wrong this entire time.
Another day, another life hack to blow your mind. This time, it involves sitsirya! Ok, when I open a bag of chips, unless I'm really, really stressed, I rarely finish it in one sitting. So what ends up happening is
You'll be so proud of yourself right after!
We think of salon pedicures as a luxury-a treat we give ourselves after a long, stressful week. But these trips, when you accommodate the costs, can go as much as spending P8,500 a year. Plus, now that nail spas are
And everything is made in a rice cooker? What?
These days, I am spending a significant amount of my time on YouTube, and I'm seriously amazed by how creative people are getting with the things they make in the kitchen. One YouTuber, in particular, caught my attention when she
Take matters into your own hands.
I've been a fan of DIY beauty since I was a teen, so this topic is close to my heart. Shaping my own eyebrows at home saves me time and money. If you share the same sentiments with me, read
It's all about patience.
Gel nails are the best because they stay glossy and last without chipping. These pros, however, become a con: They're such a bitch to remove! We would usually recommend that you head to a salon to have them professionally removed,
When DIY is the *only* way to go.
So you've decided that you want a new look, specifically Joy from Red Velvet's hair. Her long hair with full bangs is too cute not to cop-think K-style meets cool girl. Plus, Joy's IG
It's #SarilingSikap time!
Summer is the perfect time to get a haircut-the change of season just pushes you to try something new! But if a salon trip isn't possible, you can dare to do it yourself. For today's #SarilingSikap challenge,
No need for special art skills!
The French manicure was the hottest nail art trend in the '90s, and it hasn't been absent from nail salon menus since then. Its clean and minimalist look makes it super versatile: You can wear it at the office
Including a cool chemical reaction that'll make any silver sparkle.
If you're like me and your jewelry collection has really grown over the years, you might want to take the time to give it a good cleaning-I mean, who knows who long it's been sitting there? There
Easy peasy!
Who here devotes a lot of time in their morning routines to fix their hair? We're guessing not everyone. We'd all rather leave our houses earlier and spend more time on the road to beat rush hour traffic (
From beginner-friendly to advanced!
You promised yourself to learn new things in 2020, and one of the items on your list is to master braided hairstyles. You're now ready to graduate from the usual ponytail, congrats! Whether you've been wanting to perfect
When you're chosen to be part of the entourage, you can bet that you'll be in almost every picture next to the bride and groom. It goes without saying that you have to look your best at the
We've got heat-free options, too!
PSA: Bangs are cute and all, but they're not a wash-and-wear 'do. They require special care and styling techniques-which you can't escape from unless you're blessed with hair that's behaved
It's too easy, I swear.
After years of stalking every celeb Insta, we can safely conclude that the messy waves/undone waves/hair bends is the fave hairstyle of the stars. From Hollywood to local showbiz, the 'do has been a go-to choice of celebrities for
Achieving this hairstyle just got easier.
With summer upon us, you probs want to change up your look by giving your hair some curls and waves. You can achieve this is by using a curling iron-which is the easiest and most basic way to do it. Braiding
It has to be done, tbh!
Let's be real: Using a dirty hair brush on freshly washed tresses is GROSS. Imagine all the gunk you're putting back on your scalp and locks post-shower!We came up with a short tutorial on how to
Be ready to get schooled!
ICYDK, rising star Maris Racal is a proud DavaoeƱa from Tagum City, Davao del Norte. Watch as she gives an entertaining tutorial about Tagalog words with totally different meanings in her native Bisaya. VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. LopezVIDEO SHOT BY:
It's the best and fastest way to have a flawless mani!
DIY manis can get messy-you almost always end up with smeared nail polish all over your fingers! To make things easier, here's a hack you can try the next time you paint your nails. Watch the video below and take