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Try This Relaxing Unready Routine, Because You Deserve To Rest

Hit reset.
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You survived a stressful week—deadlines, meetings, and personal battles. You deserve to relax and recharge. It's time to show a little love to your tired mind and body. To help you unwind, we prepared a calming unready routine so you can rest and reset. Doing so will aid in maintaining balance in your life, so you can function better during the day. 

Ahead, your ultimate get-unready routine:

  1. Choose a bedtime playlist.

    Before anything else, tune in to a soothing playlist. This will help set the mood and calm down your thoughts and senses.

  2. Brush your teeth.

    Never neglect oral healthcare! Start by flossing to get rid of food stuck in between your teeth. Then, brush your pearly whites and gargle with mouthwash to supplement your toothpaste's hard work.

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  3. Take a warm shower.

    A warm shower can soothe tired muscles and calm down a stressed mind. Listen to the playlist we shared above to improve the experience.

  4. Apply lavender-infused lotion.

    Lavender is known for its sleep-inducing abilities. Slather on a lotion that's infused with this scent for a deeper slumber. This tub is internet-famous, and it's almost always sold out!

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  5. Put on your favorite pantulog.

    Just like you put on your favorite outfit to start your day right, wearing the comfiest pantulog will make bedtime so much better.

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  6. Do your skincare routine.

    You know the drill. You need to wash your face before going to sleep. While you're at it, layer serums and moisturizers to keep your skin glowing and flawless.

  7. Set a time limit for scrolling.

    We can lose track of time scrolling endlessly late at night. Tell yourself that you'll only check social media on your phone for 15 minutes max. Prioritize sleep more than being updated on Twitter or Instagram trends.

  8. Sleep!

    Now that your unready routine is done, it's time to close your eyes, relax your mind, and enjoy a deep slumber. You'll be recharged and ready when you wake up the next day!

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