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10 Cute Poses To Try, As Seen On Francine Diaz

We love her smile!
PHOTO: Instagram/francinesdiaz

Kadenang Ginto may be over, but our obsession with one of the leads, Francine Diaz, is still on. We love her vibe on Insta. She always looks happy in her photos, and her smile is simply contagious. If you want the same ~*cute*~ feel on your feed, check out these posing tips:

  1. The no-fail pose: Look straight to the camera and rest your face on one hand.

  2. Here's one pose you can do on cold mornings.

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  3. Try this pose if you're feeling good vibes all over.

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  4. This is proof that you can show off your OOTD while seated.

  5. Place one hand on your cheek and let that overjoyed smile shine through.

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  6. If you're in a foreign city, you must have a buwis-buhay picture while crossing the street.

  7. The double peace sign will forever be a cute pose.

  8. Give your favorite stuffed toy a tight hug!

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  9. Look down, tuck your hair behind your ear, and smile—how can you not look cute in this pose?

  10. Ace that shoefie pose by sitting on the steps of the stairs and extending one leg.

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