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20 ~*Pretty*~ Hair Color Ideas That Will Look Good On Long Hair

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Whether you want to dye your hair because you just want to ~shake~ things up or you're ready to try fun, experimental colors, we've got your back. Below, we rounded up 20 (!!!) hair color ideas you can try if you have long hair! 

Ed's Note: Whatever hair color you decide to get, it's important to know that it's going to need a lot of maintenance and care, especially since you have lengthy tresses. Make sure your haircare routine is made up of hydrating and color-enhancing products to avoid hair damage and breakage, prolong the shade's vibrancy, and prevent it from turning orange or red.

20 Pretty Hair Color Ideas That Will Look Good On Long Hair 

  1. Rose Brown

    If you're looking for a hair color that's neither ashy nor too warm, rose brown is the way to go! The mauvey undertone of this hue can actually make your skin tone look sun-kissed. And let's be honest, it's such an Instagrammable hair color!

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  2. Buttery Ash Blonde

    By applying butter blonde highlights on ash brown hair, you'll be able to get a hair color that looks 3D and cool AF. Just remember to load up on the purple-toned shampoos and conditioners to avoid brassy tones from popping up.

  3. Dark Brown

    A classic! Whether you're giving your hair a break or just want to go back to a hair color that's reliable and easy to maintain, you can never go wrong with dark brown, whatever your skin tone is.

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  4. Silver Blonde

    Ice, ice baby! While there's no doubt this hair color looks ~*cool*~, a frosty shade such as this will require your tresses to be bleached multiple times to help reach an almost-white level of blonde. In terms of maintenance, be prepared to use hydrating hair masks to combat the dryness that comes with bleaching hair.

  5. Jet Black

    Obviously, this is the easiest hair color you can try! Since we're already born with dark brown to black-colored hair (Thanks, Asian genes!), you can just DIY this. Meaning: You'll be able to save a ton of money by coloring your mane at home!

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  6. Classic Balayage

    This chic ombré hair color is celeb-, model-, and influencer-approved for a good reason! The natural-looking transition of brown to blonde can bring out your best features and give you a V-shaped face. Who wouldn't want that? 

  7. Smoked Ash

    ICYDK, a dusty, smoky hue will look amazing on your tresses, whatever skin tone you have. If you have dark hair, though, prepare to sit in the salon chair for hours. A dye job like this will require multiple bleaching sessions before the actual ashy shades can be applied. It's best to prepare your wallets too, as this will cost you a few thousand pesos.

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  8. Ash Brown

    If you think the coolness of this brown hair color will make your complexion look dull and sallow, think again! Ash brown hair can complement a multitude of complexion shades. When done right, it looks super natural—like you were born with cool-toned brown locks.

  9. Purple Highlights

    Looking to get a drastic hair color change? Purple highlights are perfect for that. And if you already have ash blonde locks, then lucky you, you've already got the perfect base! The end result of this look shouldn't be chunky, but rather, it should appear soft and dreamy.

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  10. Copper Brown

    We love our warm hair colors, too! Copper brown usually doesn't get enough attention because most people think they look brassy and unnatural. But if you have a colorist who knows how to choose the right copper hues that will balance out your complexion's undertones, you have nothing to worry about. ;)

  11. Dark Teal

    Raise your hand if you love a hair color that looks like the ocean! Teal tresses are mesmerizing to look at, but it needs proper maintenance to last for more than just a few weeks. For example, you can't wash your hair every day anymore because this will end up stripping your hair of the dark blue-green color. When it comes to rainbow hues like this, dry shampoo will be your new best friend.

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  12. Latte

    What do you get when you have a dark brown hair color highlighted with a deep, caramel hue? Tresses that resemble everyone's go-to drink at cafes! See the way the highlights are placed? They look exactly like the pretty swirls and designs you see on lattes!

  13. Rose Gold Ombré

    A hair color that's guaranteed to get you compliments and a bunch of likes and hearts on social media! If you want a major hair change, this melting rose gold hue is the way to go.

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  14. Blonde Ombré

    The ultimate beach babe hair color! For those who love summer-inspired hair colors, you can't go wrong with a blonde ombré. The warm tones at the roots that fade to a cool blonde at the end will make you feel and look like a cool surfer. ;) 

  15. Light Brown

    FYI, light brown hair is neither basic nor boring. Aside from being super versatile when it comes to skin tones and haircuts, it makes an excellent base for balayage and highlights!

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  16. Salted Caramel Highlights

    Have you ever wondered what salted caramel looked like if they were painted on brown hair? This is it! Simple, chic, universally flattering, and really pretty.

  17. Chocolate

    Just look at how dimensional this hair color is: Yum-my! Like dark brown, chocolate-colored locks work all year round because the naturally flattering hue is ~*timeless*~. 

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  18. Molten Bronze

    Has there ever been a hair color that made you weak in the knees from the moment you saw it? For us, it's molten bronze! From the brown base to the golden highlights, and to the metallic undertones of the two mixed together, the overall effect literally made us melt.

  19. Cool Girl Blonde

    Want to look like you were born with blonde, sun-kissed hair? Go for this hair color! By letting your naturally dark roots shine and adding expertly-blended brown and blonde hues on the middle and ends of your strands, it creates a natural finish that looks like you have no time to take care of your hair because you're too busy hitting up the beach on the weekends.

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  20. Opal Hair

    You know what they say, go big or go home. If you don't want to play it safe this time, nothing says "fun," "wild," and "fierce" like opal hair! (Remember to take extra care of your hair, though, as it will be bleached and dyed to the heavens.)


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