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10 Pretty Purple Hair Color Ideas To Try In 2021

It's a versatile hue!
purple hair color ideas
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Hello there! If you're looking to drastically change your appearance, changing your hair color is the easiest way to do it—you'll immediately look like a ~different~ person!

Still in the dark about what color to choose? We suggest choosing purple since it's one of the more versatile hues out there—you can go as bright or as dark as you want and it will still look good. Ahead, eight of the coolest violet hair color ideas you need to try:

Purple Hair Color Ideas To Try Out

Eggplant Purple

This dark purple hue is easy on the eyes, plus you'll only need about one to two bleaching sessions to get the color to stick. It's a great first choice if you're still a beginner in more ~vibrant~ shades.

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Midnight Violet

The great thing about purple is that while it's a bright color, it can also be as subtle as you want it to be. Case in point: This dark, midnight iteration. This particular hue looks great on all skin tones!

Barely-There Purple

For those who are *really* hesitant about vibrant hues, we present to you the most low-key shade you can try: A barely-there purple hair color. It's only noticeable when the sunlight hits it! Bonus: It can make your tresses look super glossy, too.

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Pastel Purple

One of the more popular shades to go for, the process of getting a pastel purple hair color can be tedious, but the end result is totes worth it. While this looks good on all skin tones, we *love* how it provides a stunning contrast against morena complexions.

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Split Dye

Want to try something completely different this year? We recommend going for split hair color. You can choose the two shades you like to make the end result really customized to your liking.

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Violet Ombré

Want to change your hair color but you're not a big fan of bleach? Try going for the ombré approach—your scalp will thank you.

Chocolate Lilac

What do you get when you mix brown and purple? This beautiful chocolate lilac hue, of course! This is perfect if you're not yet ready for vibrant, neon hues just yet.

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Silvery Purple

This hair color is the boldest choice on the list—think of it as the ~*cooler*~ version of the granny hue! It's also one of the hardest to maintain, so make sure to keep it in tip-top condition with purple shampoo.

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Violet Highlights

If you're not yet ready to *completely* let go of your black hair, we recommend going for highlights. They're usually blonde, but you can ask your colorist to apply some violet dye to make your tresses look unique!

Peak-a-Boo Purple

Do you work in a strict office? ~Hidden~ hair colors might be your best bet. Only the underside of your tresses are dyed, so the only way it'll be seen is you tie your hair up!

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