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10 Prettiest Shades Of Blonde Hair You Should Try At Least Once In Your Life

Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Have you been wanting to go blonde but you're not sure which shade you should choose? Here, we give you the lowdown on the prettiest shades that look great on Pinays. But first, let's talk about the basics of how to get blonde hair if you naturally have dark hair.

How do I achieve a blonde hair color if I'm a natural brunette?

You'll need to have your locks lightened by bleach if you have naturally dark hair. For the bright colors to show, the color of your strands should be lifted by bleach, then the brassy tones would be corrected by a hair toner.

It's a different case if you've dyed your locks black or brown: The colorist would need to remove the pigment deposited in your strands. There are cases when stylists advise that you go for lighter shades of brown first or simply grow the hair out when the locks are too dry or damaged.

Can I dye my hair blonde at home?

Yes, but ideally, you should have a professional do it for you. It would be difficult to achieve even application, especially at the back of your head. Plus, bleach is a strong chemical. You may damage or over-process your strands if you use the incorrect proportions of bleach + developer or leave it on for too long.

How do I take care of my blonde hair color?

Asian hair turns into an orange-y or brassy hue when bleached. To combat this, you would need to soak your blonde hair in purple shampoo twice or thrice a week. Since the hair is chemically treated, it's important to keep the moisture in by washing with a sulfate-free shampoo, nourishing with a hair mask weekly, and applying a leave-in treatment on the ends. Having blonde hair calls for a major lifestyle change.


Think you're ready to go blonde? Pick any of these ultra-flattering blonde hair colors to try right now.

10 Shades Of Blonde Hair Color To Try Right Now

  1. Honey Blonde

    The golden tones of honey blonde will bring out the ~*glow*~ of your complexion.

  2. Golden Blonde

    This shade is lighter than honey blonde. You can also ask for beige blonde highlights to make this dye job extra pretty!

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  3. Dirty Blonde

    If you're not yet ready for the pain of bleach and the regular root touch-ups, ask for shadow roots and a balayage dye job. Besides being low-maintenance, dirty blonde looks *sooo* good.

  4. Strawberry Blonde

    Blonde with a hint of pink or red creates a beautiful strawberry blonde shade.

  5. Sandy blonde

    Sandy blonde hits the sweet spot: It has both cool and warm tones!

  6. Butter Blonde

    This warm, yellow blonde is a classic choice. If you want this bright dye job, you can achieve it in two bleaching sessions.

  7. Ash Blonde

    This shade is pretty popular because of the gray tones that make it look classy.

  8. Icy Blonde

    This one is a cross between platinum and butter blonde. Fun fact: When Selena Gomez got this bright hue, it took nine hours for her to achieve it.

  9. Blush Blonde

    Want something different? Ask for blush roots to go with your icy blonde hair!


  10. Platinum Blonde

    Also called "white blonde," platinum blonde has the most upkeep out of all the blonde shades. You'll need to touch up the roots and refresh the color every three weeks!

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