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10 Pretty Hairstyles With Full Bangs That'll Give You A Whole *New* Look In 2022

There are so many ways to wear them.
Best hairstyles with full bangs
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Getting bangs can help you switch up your look without doing anything too drastic. But with so many hair trends making their way to your feed, it can be difficult to choose which fringe style you should go for. Our suggestion? Try a classic full bang hairstyle!

What exactly are full bangs?

As its name suggests, this style features a full, usually straight fringe. They have a lot more volume than wispy bangs, but it’s something you can definitely play around with. They’re also not limited to straight hair! Some would consider them a huge commitment; doing weekly trims, using dry shampoo, and maybe even styling them with a hair curler are all part of what you’d need to do if you want your bangs to stay ~fresh.~ 

If you’re ready to take the leap, check out the different hairstyles with full bangs you can try:

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10 Pretty Hairstyles With Full Bangs To Try In 2022

  1. Layered haircut with full bangs

    If you’re someone who cuts your hair on the regular, you *need* to consider adding layers to your hair! The full bangs will help accentuate your classic, universally flattering hairstyle.

  2. Wavy hair with full bangs

    Naturally wavy hair can allow you to style full bangs in different ways. You can keep them as is to make them look choppy, or you could style them to make them look like a traditional straight fringe. 

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  3. Mullet with full bangs

    This hairstyle is super trendy at the moment, and we’re sure the Gen Zers on TikTok have a hand in influencing you to get this cut. Get this look by asking your stylist to give you tons of layers while keeping your bangs straight. 

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  4. Wavy pigtails and full bangs with subtle pops of color

    Want something fun and fresh? Then this hairstyle is definitely one to try. Aside from the playfulness of the waves, you’ll have added dimension thanks to the subdued pops of pink. If that’s still too dramatic a change for you, you could also try ash blonde or gray highlights. 

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  5. Cotton candy pink bob with full bangs

    Add some fun to your look by dyeing it in a pretty pastel color. You can go for other sorbet hues like peach, mint, and sky blue. Or, you could go brighter with blue, green, or red. And it’s even easy enough to do by yourself at home, thanks to many DIY rainbow dyes and bleach kits available online.

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  6. A-line lob with full bangs

    If you want to elongate the look of your face, then this haircut is for you. The flattering cut that's longer in front helps frame your face to make it look longer. It’s a great way to try out full bangs if you want a short or round face.

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  7. Full crescent bangs hybrid

    Crescent bangs look good on everyone, and you can have them cut in a way that they still look like a full fringe. Ask your stylist to part your hair in the middle, then chop your hair going downwards from the midline. 

  8. S-wave lob with full bangs

    You can add some edge to soft S-curls with caramel brown highlights on your full bangs. It’s a great way to wear a fringe if you don’t want something too common. 

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  9. French bob with full micro bangs

    This dramatic cut can help you look effortlessly chic! This style is perfect if you want a low-maintenance ‘do. We recommend using mousse to keep your locks looking bouncy and soft.

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  10. Curly hair with full bangs

    Who said curly-haired folks can’t pull off full bangs? Just make sure to ask your stylist to cut them while they’re dry and to keep them long. Better yet, find a stylist who’s knowledgeable about cutting curly hair to keep your mind at ease. 

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