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6 Steps To Get 'Expensive-Looking' Skin With Makeup

It's all about technique, CGs.
PHOTO: (MODEL) Dean Isidro

These days, we live in a world where Instagram makeup—an approach to makeup application that can end up appearing fake IRL, but looks flawless in photos—is the norm for most beauty junkies. However, it's time to change things up and make au naturel skin cool again—and Australian YouTuber Karima McKimmie couldn't have described the look better: hyper real, or expensive-looking, skin.

She may not have coined the term herself, but from what she's heard in the editorial makeup industry, hyper real skin is radiant and hydrated, and looks "like you've just had an amazing facial."

Want to try this out for yourself? Here are the six steps you need to do, according to Karima!

Step 1: Use a chemical exfoliator

To get rid of all the dry flakes or oiliness on your skin, it's important to chemically exfoliate before putting on makeup. Chemical exfoliators are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types, but still powerful for super oily complexions. Right after exfoliating, all the products you'll put on top will absorb, apply, and look better. 

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Step 2: Moisturize well

Follow up your exfoliator with a serum and moisturizer, or an essence and a moisturizer, or just a moisturizer. It's up to you! As long as you feel your skin is hydrated, YOU DO YOU, GIRL.

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Step 3: Prime with something that addresses your skin concerns

Not everyone has the same skin concerns, so if you have dehydrated skin, use a hydrating primer; if you have texture, use a smoothing one. Whatever skin problem you want to "blur" over, just use the right primer for it. But don't overload it! It's all about less is more here. 

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Step 4: Work your fave foundation in thin layers

Whether you have two favorite foundations that you love to mix or just like opting for a regular BB cream, use your favorite and work it in thin layers. This technique is what will prevent your makeup from looking cakey. 

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Step 5: Cover any necessary areas with concealer

That said, if you find that your foundation still hasn't covered the areas or blemishes you want to conceal, no problem! Just apply concealer on any spots you want to erase.

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Step 6: Finish with a setting spray

Now that your base is done, spritz your face with a setting spray—not a mattifying powder, but a face mist! This will give your complexion that healthy look while setting your makeup so it won't move or melt.

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Watch the video below to learn how to get Karima's complete look:

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