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Nail Service Review: Get A Pampering Mani-Pedi AT HOME

Too busy you can't even go to the salon on weekends? Give this nail spa a call--they'll bring your nails the VIP treatment they deserve.

Shaking hands with your office/school crush whom you've been introduced to the first time... Prancing around in your new peep-toe pumps... Holding a cocktail glass while gabbing for hours on end at a hip hangout... These are just some of the many scenarios where you wouldn't want to be caught with unkempt fingernails and toenails. DIY mani-pedis may save you some money. But what's an hour or less spent in the nail salon and spa, and maybe a few hundred bucks, when it's your personal image (and hygiene!) on the line? Still, you can actually skip the going to the salon part. This nail service will come to you.

We love the convenience that home-service mani-pedis like I Do Nails provide busy women like you, Cosmo chicks. With just one phone call, you can get someone to do your nails, right in the comfort of your own home. But this isn't like your mom's suking manikurista. Not only will the friendly and courteous TESDA-qualified staff clean, shape, and paint your nails, they'll also massage, scrub, and wax your hands and feet. They use only high end nail-care products like Chanel, Orly, Essie, and OPI, both organic and non-organic scrubs, and thoroughly sterilized and sanitized tools, ensuring comfortable and high-quality service.

Come on, you deserve to feel like a queen every once in a while--without hurting your pocket, too. Try the Happy Weekend Package, P600, which includes a mani-pedi, as well as a hand and foot massage, mask, and scrub. If you want to glam up your nails, you can request for nail art, even glitters and rhinestones. All you need to do is sit back (on a comfy chair they'd bring for you!), relax (you can even take a nap wearing their soothing cucumber eye-cooling mask), and let them take care of the rest.

You can also ask for their Spaaarty Packages, which is a great concept for bridal showers, birthday parties, or any other occasion you can think of. It's also a relaxing way of catching up with your girlfriends after a hectic week at work. Invite at least four of your gal pals for a spa party at your place, and you can instantly feel like Sex and the City chicks--without having to hit the cafe!

To book an appointment with I Do Nails, call (02)502-9099, (02)635-2654, or (0917)531-5365.
There's a minimum amount of services required, depending on where you live. call them to inquire about the amount required for your area.

View the next page for a complete pricelist of the many different services you can get from I Do Nails, then click on the 'view gallery' button below to see some photos.

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Recommended Videos
  1. I Do Nails Manicure, Soak + Shape + Massage + Paint, P130
  2. Quickie Manicure, Soak + Shape, P90
  3. French Manicure, Soak + Shape + Massage + Paint, P140
  4. Mini Manicure (under 15), Soak + Shape + Paint, P70
  5. The MAN-icure, Soak + Shape + Massage, P130
  6. Smoothie Hand Spa, Soak + Organic Scrub + Shape + Massage + Paint, P250
  7. Glow Hand Spa, Soak + Non-Organic Scrub + Mask + Shape + Massage + Paint, P230
  8. Rescue Me Hand Spa, Soak + Organic/Non-Organic Scrub + Mask + Shape + Massage + Paint, P300
  9. Restore Me, Remove Nail Polish + Soak + Shape + Whitening, P130
  10. Nail Art
    • Add Nail Art, P100
    • Glitters, P20
    • Rhinestones, P30
    • Stamp, P50
  11. Paraffin Dip, Soak + Organic/Non-Organic Scrub + Paraffin + Shape + Massage + Paint, P400 


  1. I Do Nails Pedicure, Soak + Shape+ Massage + Paint, P150
  2. Quickie Pedicure, Soak + Shape, P100
  3. Mini Pedicure (under 15), Soak + Shape + Paint, P100
  4. The Rock Pedicure (for men), Soak + Shape + Extended Rock Massage, P200
  5. French Pedicure, Soak + Shape + Massage + Paint, P160
  6. Ooh Lala Foot Spas, Soak+ Organic/Non-Organic Scrub + Shape + Massage+ Paint, P300
  7. Creme de la Creme, Soak + Organic/Non-Organic Scrub + Mask Shape + Massage + Paint, P350
  8. Paraffin Dip, Soak + Organic/Non-Organic Scrub + Paraffin+ Shape + Massage+ Paint, P600
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  1. Hand Massage,15 minutes, P150; 30 minutes,P200; 45 minutes, P250
  2. Foot Massage, 15 minutes, P200; 30 minutes, P250; 45 minutes, P300
  3. Shoulder Massage, 15 minutes, P150; 30 minutes, P200; 45 minutes, P250


  1. Fingers/Toes, P100
  2. Underarm, P250
  3. Arms/Legs, P350+


  1. Soothing Mind Package, I Do Nails Manicure + I Do Nails Pedicure + Foot Spa, P450
  2. Calming Soul Package, I Do Nails Manicure + I Do Nails Pedicure + Hand Spa, P350
  3. Happy Weekend Package, I Do Nails Manicure + I Do Nails Pedicure + Foot Spa + Hand Spa, P600
  4. King Treatment Package, MAN-icure + The Rock Pedicure, P330
  5. Minimini Me Package, Mini Manicure+ Mini Pedicure, P170


I Do Nails can set up your venue according to your desired theme and serve you special mixed drinks.

  1. Bridal spa parties
  2. Bachelor spa parties
  3. Birthday spa parties
  4. Other special events
  5. Corporate events