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PSA: A Mirror Is All You Need To Take Cool Instagram Photos

Seeing double?
PHOTO: Instagram: superjanella; blythe

Are you out of posing ideas for your Instagram photos? Maybe you just need to be creative and resourceful. For today's "Level Up Your IG Game" lesson, we teach you the ~*value*~ of adding a mirror to your photos. 

Showing your reflection in the photo adds an artsy vibe—like you put a lot of creative effort into it. Plus, posing in front of a mirror will give you an idea of how you'll look like in the picture itself.

Ready to take mirror IG pics? Check out how these celebs did it!

  1. Andrea Brillantes

    Andrea got to show off her sharp winged liner in this pose. She also used a film camera effect for a vintage feel.

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  2. Angel Dei

    This is the easiest way to take an OOTD by yourself.

  3. Claire Ruiz Hartell

    Exhibit B of a "sariling sikap" OOTD pic!

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  4. Elisse Joson

    Gaze directly to your reflection for extra drama.

  5. Maureen Wroblewitz

    Maureen's pose emphasized her highlighter, lovely long hair, and backless outfit.

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  6. Nicole Andersson

    You'll need an IG BFF for this shot. Just tell her this to convince her: "Teamwork makes dream work!"

  7. Janella Salvador

    A flower in your hand will add a sweet and romantic touch to your photo.

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  8. Julianna Gomez

    Admire your assets as you look into the mirror—that's totally fine! #SelfLove

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