5 Major Things That Happen When You Don't Remove Makeup at Night

You won't be happy with the results at all.

After a long day, plopping in bed seems a more inviting option than going to the bathroom to wash your face. But did you know that this nasty habit can have repercussions that are hard to undo and repair? Read on to be forewarned. 

1. When makeup, dirt, and oil rest on your pores for a full night, your skin becomes prone to breakouts! 

2. Leftover eye makeup breeds bacteria that can yield eye infections. 

3. When you neglect to unclog your pores, pollution residue can accelerate premature skin aging. You’ll see wrinkles and loss of collagen earlier than you should.

4. If you have a clean canvas, you’re guaranteed smoother makeup application. Leftover foundation on the face will cause a blotchy finish. 

5. Your skin repairs itself at night, and it needs to be in contact with air for it to fully accomplish its renewal process. If there is layer of makeup and grime on the surface of the skin, you’re preventing rejuvenation. You’ll wake up to dull, lackluster skin that even the best highlighters can have a hard time concealing. 

After learning all about what may happen when you skip face-washing, here's how to properly clarify your complexion before calling it a night: double-cleanse. The first cleanse is to rid of makeup, oil, and dirt in the uppermost layer, and the second cleanse is meant to free the pores from the remaining residue. 

Here’s how to do it:  Dissolve makeup first by rubbing a cotton ball soaked in cleansing oil or micellar water on the skin, and then lather up with a facial wash. Easy-peasy!

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