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Stop Committing These Mistakes To Finally Get Smoother And Brighter Underarms

Exfoliation is important!
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Here at, we're all about underarms—we're constantly on the hunt for the best services, products, and treatments that will help us score flawless armpits. But, the road to smoother and brighter pits isn't without hurdles. Below, we have listed down common mistakes that might be causing darkening and bumps.

  1. Neglecting to exfoliate.

    Cleaning your underarms with a body wash or soap isn't enough to keep them in check—you also need to dislodge dead skin buildup once a week.

    The fix: Abrasive scrubs will further irritate your underarms and cause friction that leads to darkening. Instead, opt for exfoliating pads. These are soaked with skin-loving ingredients that will leave your kilikili smoother and brighter over time!

    Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go Exfoliating Toner Pads, P1,395, Sephora


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  2. Shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth.

    Shaving against the natural direction of the hair growth will cause irritation, razor burns, and bumps.

    The fix: Try to observe the direction where the follicle grows. Once you have determined it, gently pull back the skin and shave along the same route to avoid ingrown hair.

  3. Applying deodorant right after shaving.

    Putting on deodorant immediately after shaving can cause irritation because the skin is more sensitive post-hair removal. There will be a slight stinging sensation, too.

    The fix: After shaving, don't reach for your deodorant just yet! Wait at least 10 minutes for your skin to recover before applying your antiperspirant.

  4. Keeping the same razor blade for a long time.

    Razor blades are only good for about five to ten uses before they fail to give you a close shave. Using a dull blade makes you prone to tugging, nicking, burns, and bumps.

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    The fix: Don't wait for your razor blades to turn dull before replacing them. A good rule of thumb is to change your tool after three weeks to avoid nicks, burns, and bumps.

  5. Disregarding an underarm routine.

    It's 2020, skincare routines aren't just limited to your face—your underarms need them, too! Committing to a regimen will grant you brighter and smoother armpits.

    The fix: You don't need to go and buy another set of products solely for your underarms—your toner will work just fine! Soak a cotton pad and gently rub it against your pits. Do this twice a week.

    COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, P680, Lazada


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  6. Forgetting to use a moisturizing oil after shaving.

    Shaving can sometimes make your skin dry up, so it's important to follow up with an oil to keep the area moisturized.

    The fix: Use an emollient oil and slather it all over your underarms as a post-shaving treatment. 

    Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil, P174.75, Humanheartnature


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  7. Using a harsh deodorant.

    Growing up, we were taught that using scented deodorants will prevent B.O. This isn't the case, however, as harsh fragrances in formulas may irritate your skin and darken the area.

    The fix: Instead of using harsh deodorants, try a natural, skin-loving variant. It will keep your underarms smelling good minus the harmful ingredients and chemicals.

    One Earth Organics Underarm Therapy Complete Set, P1,440, Beauty Bar


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