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15 Minimalist Dog Tattoo Ideas You Can Dedicate To Your Furry Friends

minimalist dog tattoo designs
PHOTO: (LEF TO RIGHT) Instagram/_maggiethedashie via Instagram/thedoxieizdabest, Instagram/amoebazoo

Dogs are one of the best pets you can have for a number of reasons: They reduce our stress levels, they help us live longer, and honestly, they're just so damn adorable, it's hard not to want them by your side 24/7! If you want a more ~permanent~ way of remembering your furry friend, why not get a tattoo in their likeness? It makes a great first ink, TBH. (Wondering where to place it? Check out our list of the most popular body parts for your first tattoo!)

Need some inspo? Don't worry, we gotchu! We rounded up 15 of the cutest minimalist designs we spotted on the 'gram—make sure to screenshot your faves.

15 Minimalist Dog Tattoo Ideas & Ideas To Try

  1. To add extra cuteness, this tattoo design also included the dog's favorite toy.

  2. The simple heart is the perfect finishing touch for this sleek and minimalist fineline tattoo.

  3. Getting a tattoo of their pawprint is also a nice way to commemorate your dog.

  4. These tiny pawprint tattoos located near the ankle are perfect for people who want to keep their ink more low-key.

  5. Don't wanna go all out with your ink? You may opt to get just their ears and nose tattooed on you.

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  6. This adorable outline tattoo is a dead giveaway for the breed of your dog, lol!

  7. We absolutely love the detail that went into this tattoo.

  8. This is a fun and unique spin on pawprint tattoos.

  9. If you're into quirky tattoo designs, then you'll surely love this one that looks just like a ~doodle~!

  10. Tired of ear piercings? Perhaps it's time to try ear tattoos. This delicate pawprint one is simple but sweet.

  11. You may ask your tattoo artist to give your design a cartoon-like feel to spice things up.

  12. These itty-bitty dog tattoos can easily be hidden if needed by wearing longer socks.

  13. Another doodle-like design to add to your tattoo inspo folder!

  14. Adding a heart around your pup is a simple but clever way to incorporate color into your tattoo.

  15. We love how this tattoo design included both the dog and its owner and how it *almost* formed into a heart.

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