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10 Dainty Hand Tattoo Designs To Try If You're A ~Minimalist~ Girl

We're obsessed with all of these.
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When it comes to getting a tattoo, the most common areas to place them include the wrist, rib, and inner arm. But if you're looking for a non-boring placement, we're here to tell you that your hand is the best spot for your new ink.

Inking the hand is a careful and delicate procedure. Since the skin in the area is delicate, thin, and bony, even the most experienced tattoo artists can experience difficulties with it. The healing process is also different from other tattoo placements and poses a bit more of a challenge since you frequently use your hands. Despite all of these, people still frequently ask for them since hand tattoos just look so damn good!

If you're thinking of getting inked on your hand, we have all the necessary info you need, including pain level (very important, TBH), healing time, and of course, cute hand tattoo ideas for your viewing pleasure! You know the drill—get ready to screenshot your faves.


What You Need to Know About Getting a Hand Tattoo

Is getting a hand tattoo painful?

While pain tolerance is a subjective matter for everyone, we're here to tell you that tattoos done on your hand miiight hurt a bit more than just your normal wrist or inner arm tattoo. Since the skin on your hand is thin and uneven due to the bone structure, it doesn't provide much ~cushion~ from the needle, so you'll definitely be feeling every minute of the session. Best to bring along a stress ball or friend to grab once it starts feeling painful!

How long does a hand tattoo take to heal?

The placement of this tattoo is trickier than most since it's on a body part we *always* use. That said, you can expect your hand tattoo to completely heal after five to 6 months. Make sure to follow your tattoo artist's aftercare guide to make sure things go smoothly.

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As for maintenance, expect to go back to your tattoo artist every few months or years for some touchups. How often you'll go depends on how your tattoo initially healed, along with its exposure to different ~elements~. You'll want to maintain a budget for tattoo maintenance over the lifetime of your hand tattoo to preserve the color and design of your ink so make sure to take that into account.

Check out these cute + minimalist hand tattoo designs and ideas:

1. We love how the tattoos trail down to the wrist—they just look more fluid.


2. Hand tattoos will always be visible. If you're aiming to go for low-key, a finger tattoo is the best way to go.

3. Get your favorite symbols all in one place!


4. This white flower tattoo is just too cute for words.

5. A daily reminder to yourself, on a place where you can *always* see it.


6. This couple or BFF tattoo idea is super cute and not cringe-worthy at all!

7. You can also try getting tattooed on your palm. Check out this ~fun~ interactive tatt!


8. Keep things simple by only limiting your ink to two symbols.

9. These tattoos may be all over the hand, but since they're small, they just look very delicate and dainty!


10. Keep the text small and evenly spaced out for a more minimalist result.

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