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How To Smell Bagong-Ligo All The Time, Even In Hot Weather

From head to toe!
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It’s hard to smell and stay mabango in the Philippines' humid weather. We encounter pollution every day during our commute, and amoy usok isn't the best. Also, a simple trip to the nearby mall to buy lunch can lead to sweaty experience. It's simply challenging!

Worry not anymore because we created a guide for you! Preserve your bagong-ligo freshness, with these tips that will keep you smelling great from head to toe.

How To Smell Good All The Time, Even In Hot Weather

  1. Drink lots of water and watch what you eat.

    Fruits can contribute to granting your breath a sweet smell. Pungent foods like onions and peppers, on the other hand, produce a strong odor. Flush it out by drinking glasses of H2O or lemon water to neutralize the stink.

  2. Pay *extra* attention to your oral hygiene.

    Aside from brushing your teeth three times a day, try flossing and gargling with mouthwash to keep bad breath at bay.

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  3. Start in the shower.

    Of course, if you want to smell bagong ligo, you have to start with good habits in the shower. Scrub away dead skin that may "store" body odor, and choose soaps and shampoos that possess a lovely scent.

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  4. When choosing a fragrance, try before you buy.

    You know when a certain bottle smells great on your friend but it's a different case for you? This is because of our body chemistry. Spritz the perfume you’re eyeing at the counter and walk around the mall. Observe how the scent dries down on your pulse points. If you still like how its notes react on your skin, BUY it! It's meant for you. (READ: 10 Classic Fragrances You Won't Regret Buying)

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  5. Know when and where to apply fragrance.

    The best time to put on fragrance is right after you shower. Damp skin helps the scent molecules linger for longer. It would also help if you slather lotion (bonus points if it falls under the same fragrance category, aka layering) before spraying it on your body. Focus on the pulse points, back of the torso, and behind the ear.

  6. Opt for a solid fragrance or eau de parfum.

    A perfume in solid form tends to last longer on the skin. Its formula is made of a hydrating balm and a high concentration of fragrance. Eau de parfum also contains the most potent scent blend. (READ: Here's The Difference Between Cologne, Eau De Toilette, And Eau De Parfum)

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  7. Turn to a reliable deodorant.

    Including a deodorant in a bagong-ligo routine is pretty obvious. ;) It doesn't have to be an antiperspirant, because we believe sweat is good. But if you do opt for one that prevents underarm pawis, try one in a refreshing, clean scent. 

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  8. Always bring baby cologne and wipes with you.

    Baby cologne is the number one tool to smell bagong ligo after a sweaty commute. Before splashing it on your body, remove the sweat with baby wipes. This step will ensure that pawis and cologne won’t mix!

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  9. Spritz on hair mist.

    Never underestimate the power of lovely smelling locks! Spray a hair mist or dry shampoo on your tresses after a commute or maybe a KBBQ dinner to mask bad odor.

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  10. Don’t forget your clothes.

    For you to smell good, your clothes must smell good, too! Choose a detergent with a fresh scent and make sure to dry your clothes in a well-ventilated area to avoid them from getting amoy-kulob.

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  11. Dry your feet before putting on footwear.

    When moisture is trapped inside the shoe, it becomes a breeding ground of fungus and odor-causing bacteria. Prevent this from happening by toweling dry the area in between the toes and the whole feet. Mist a deodorizing foot spray for good measure. Don’t forget to let the product absorb before putting on socks and footwear.

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    Also, make sure that your socks are freshly laundered and your shoes—especially the soles—are wiped clean.

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