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Kelsey Merritt Shares Her P.M. Skincare Routine + Tips In A 'Harper's Bazaar' Video

Shocker: She never uses a facial cleanser!
PHOTO: Instagram/kelseymerritt

When Victoria's Secret model Kelsey Merritt shared her casting makeup look with Vogue last year, the next thing we wanted to know was (of course) her skincare routine. Luckily, Harper's Bazaar granted our wish! In their latest "Go To Bed With Me" video, Kelsey takes us with her to see how she gets "un-ready" for the night. Here's what we learned:

  1. She removes her makeup with micellar water and reusable cotton pads.

    As a model who constantly wears a full face of makeup, Kelsey knows that removing all of it before going to bed is v v important. While some prefer oil-based makeup removers, she prefers the famous ~*Bioderma micellar water*~! She puts a generous amount of product on a reusable cotton pad because "it's just better than the environment." 

  2. She never uses a facial cleanser.

    Anyone who double or triple cleanses knows that after makeup remover, you use a water-based facial cleanser. But not Kelsey! She explains how her skin would always break out after using a cleanser until "there was this one time I got lazy and I just stopped using [a] cleanser, and my skin cleared out. And I was talking to a dermatologist about this, she was like, 'It's actually healthier for your skin's natural oils to come out. Because if you use a cleanser every day it just strips it off of that.'"

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    While this method may work for Kelsey's skin, we still recommend you use a cleanser which caters to your skin type's needs. 

  3. Her go-to masks are an eye mask + clay mask.

    Kelsey doesn't mask every day. But when she does, she uses a retinol-infused eye mask paired with a hydrating clay mask to de-puff her eye area, treat fine lines, and hydrate and purify her skin. For precise mask application, Kelsey takes a clean makeup brush and gently layers the product on her complexion.

  4. She edits her routine based on her skin's current needs.

    When it comes to toners and serums, Kelsey has different options because she likes to cater to whatever her skin currently needs. For example, if her skin is feeling oilier, she'll use an oil-absorbing toner instead of a hydrating one.

  5. A facial roller will help your products work better.

    After applying her toner and serum, Kelsey massages her face with a facial roller in an upwards motion to "relieve tension in your muscles" and "help your skin absorb the products more." She further explained that she does this to lift her skin because "we do not want sagging skin." Same, girl, same.

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  6. When her skin's breaking out, she finishes her routine with a spot treatment.

    In the video, Kelsey revealed that her forehead is currently full of clogged pores. So when her skin breaks out like that, she applies a spot treatment. Her go-to? The Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot & Area Treatment! It contains sulfur, glycolic acid, aloe vera, and vitamin C that unclog, exfoliate, and soothe blemishes.

Now that you know all her anti-acne tips and tricks, watch her full nighttime regimen below!

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