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Summer And Skin Care Talk With ANDI EIGENMANN

The flawless actress shares her summer plans and beauty tips, and how she won the battle with acne in her teens with Pond's Clear Solutions.

"My one and only dream when I was a kid was to have my face on the Pond's billboard outside our village in Katipunan," reveals Cosmo cover girl Andi Eigenmann. Well, it looks like her biggest dream just came true, now that she is the newest face of Pond's Clear Solutions. But even if she's descended from showbiz royalty, Andi also struggled with the same skin problem a lot of us have to deal with: ACNE.

There's absolutely no trace of that blemish phase now, as Andi now has clear, beautiful mestiza skin. Her secret? A super simple skin care regimen! At her launch as the newest endorser of Pond's Clear Solutions, Cosmo got to chat with Andi about how she maintains her clear, pimple-free, billboard-worthy skin; her plans for summer; and her fashion and beauty rules for the beach season! If you'll remember, we had a similar chat with this Cosmo cover girl a year ago, where we checked out the contents of her bag and learned about her summer style.

Evidently our summer muse, find out how the gorgeous actress stays bikini-ready and immaculately glowing during her favorite season! Don't forget to check out Andi's photos by clicking the 'view gallery' button!

Can you tell us your top skin care tips?

There’s only one. (Laughs.) I’ve been telling people [who were] asking what my regimen is, since before, "Wala, wala talaga." I only wash my face with facial wash, preferably with Pond’s. Ever since I started getting pimples or oily skin, I started using Pond’s facial wash and it’s always been good for me, so I never thought of changing [brands]. Always wash your face consistently, to keep it clean and healthy. I’ve been using it for years, I’ve tried different kinds of Pond’s and they all work for me. And, I don’t wear makeup kasi on normal days, only when I have work. When I go home, I use cold cream to remove my makeup then wash it with facial wash. Every time I wake up, before I go to bed, before I put on makeup, and after I put on makeup, and on normal days, during taping days, I use facial wash.

With summer coming up, would you have extra skin care measures for the season? Or whenever it’s very hot?

I just put sunblock all the time, especially on these days. That’s basically it. The more I won’t put on makeup when it’s hot, because it might irritate my skin all the more. And that’s why I have lots of freckles, because I’m always under the sun. I don’t know if it’s just because I got older, or because of the products I put on my skin, but my freckles were lessened, my spots were lessened. [I guess] it would be because of Pond’s. So, 'yung pinaka-key product sa 'kin  para ma-maintain 'yung skin ko is Pond’s, but I also just put on sunblock.

How about for the rest of your body--how do you make yourself bikini-ready for summer?

Actually, I don’t. Even when I was 35 pounds heavier, I’ve always been happy with the way I look, I’ve always been happy in my own size. And the only reason I tried losing weight and I did something about it is because I needed to do it for my [showbiz] debut. Of course, I knew it was a part of it, like even if they don’t tell me, to be successful in this industry, kailangan ko talagang pumayat. Hindi ibig sabihin nun na ikinahiya ko 'yung size ko. Healthy naman ako e, kahit na medyo I was on the heavier side before, I was healthy. And to me, just because you’re super thin, it doesn’t [necessarily] mean you’re bikini-ready, 'di ba? [The definition] of bikini-ready for every person would vary. For me, I really won’t do anything. Basta for me, normal ako tingnan, suot ko 'yung bikini na para sa 'kin, and I’m bikini-ready.

So, what are your plans for summer?

I’m going to Boracay, Palawan, Cebu. And, yeah, [I'm] probably gonna go to the beach, different kinds of beaches with my friends or the people I work with, as much as I can this summer. Because last summer, I was busy with Agua Bendita. And when I had my break, of course, I didn’t want to go to the beach anymore. And I [play] a mermaid, so I practically lived in an island for an entire year, and I miss it.  I wanna come back as much as I can.

Do you already have outfits planned for this summer?

I always do. I’m planning to go to Europe this month, and it’s the coldest. So I thought, "No, I don’t think I’ll push through with my trip, I’ll just leave when it’s summer na in Europe." 'Cause my outfit, my style is always one season--always summer. So hindi ako pwedeng pumunta doon ng winter kasi wala akong damit. 'Yung mga damit ko, kulang sa tela.

What is your summer style?

Last year my inspiration was pinup. You know, yellow polka dot bikini, tight polo, denim shorts, high waist--[that was] last year. This year, I’ll probably be more feminine. Like boho, maxi dresses and stuff. Kasi as I grow older, I start to learn how to experiment [with] my style. I have always loved fashion. But before I joined showbiz, there was only one thing all the time, parang it was only one style with different variations. Now that I’m an actress, and I’m getting the hang of being a celebrity, of being a part of the industry, I’m learning how to play with style, trying different outfits.

If you had it your way, how would you spend your summer?

I’ll probably travel, I’d just go to different countries. I’d spend it going around the Philippines first or Asia, basta 'yung countries na hindi malamig ang weather. Kasi I really love to travel, to take photos and engage in different hobbies and activities. I love art, I love films. You know, if I had it my way, I’ll [take] a short course in scriptwriting or creative writing or studio arts. If I had it my way, if I didn’t have such a tight schedule, especially [during] summer, I’d spend it studying or learning new things. I wanna take up pole dancing! I enrolled a long time ago, but I really didn’t have the time [to pursue it].

Now, let's move on to the subject of your love life. Are you seeing anyone?

(Laughs.) Wala naman.

Just tell us about your ideal guy, then.

(Laughs.) Um. Not Matteo [Guidicelli]! (Laughs.) Wala pa 'kong nakikilala e. Gusto ko talaga tall, dark, and handsome pero wala pa 'kong nakaka-date na dark, isa lang...o dalawa. (Laughs.) Pero gusto ko talaga tall, dark, and handsome. Para sa 'kin 'yun talaga. 'Tsaka dapat matalino, academically [and] street-smart. Requirement talaga 'yun sa 'kin. I think it’s a way for me to know if the person can carry a proper conversation, to last a long time without getting bored. And personality, it’s important. 'Tsaka ['yung] maganda 'yung katawan. (Laughs.)

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