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This Woman Got A *Rash* After Dry Shaving Her Underarms

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When it comes to hair removal methods, shaving is the easiest. But, when it is not done properly, you may get razor burn and nicks that may cause your underarms to look dark and feel rough. Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Weylie Hoang shared in a video what can happen if you're not careful when shaving your kilikili. Read more about her experience below:

In her video, Weylie shared that she was in a hurry, so she decided to dry shave her underarms instead of her usual removal method. In her haste, she accidentally cut herself. Instead of leaving it alone, she said that she picked and scratched it, which caused red, splotchy-looking rashes. Then, to soothe the pain, she applied aloe vera gel to the affected area.

While it's true that shaving is an easier and cheaper choice as compared to waxing and laser treatments, when not done properly, it can result in something similar to Weylie's. Her experience can be avoided by doing the *proper* prep and aftercare when shaving your underarms. Here are some steps you can do to ensure a good shave:

  1. Always use a sharp razor.

    A dull razor is not as effective as a new one as it requires several passes on the same area to totally get rid of all the hair. More friction leads to more chances of getting dark underarms and ingrown hairs. Make sure to replace your tool after five to 10 uses for a closer, smoother shave.

  2. Exfoliate your underarms.

    As mentioned in our previous underarm care routine guide, exfoliating is key. Instead of using physically abrasive scrubs, you can use the gentle acid toners meant for your face, too. Give your pits a quick sweep with soaked cotton pads a day prior to shaving to remove dead skin cells and dirt buildup.

  3. Dampen your skin with water.

    Since the skin on your underarms a lot more sensitive and thinner, shaving them dry can cause them to get irritated. To avoid this, schedule your shave sesh right after you shower. This way, your pits are already damp with moisture and the hair is a lot softer and easier to trim.

  4. Apply shaving cream.

    Even though moisturizing and exfoliating beforehand will help prep your skin, you still need extra lubrication to ensure that the blade glides smoothly on your skin. Apply shaving cream on your underarms to help the razor move smoothly, lessening the redness and irritation. 

  5. Don't forget to moisturize.

    Even with all the prep and careful shaving, your skin will still be left tender and slightly irritated. Soothe your underarms with a gentle moisturizer or oil to alleviate the pain and redness.

Watch Weylie's full vlog here:


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