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Your Beauty Boo-Boos, Solved!

Over-plucked brows? Popped zit? We have a solution.

"I slept with my makeup on. What do I do so I don't breakout?"

Okay, don't panic! Sleeping with your makeup on for just one night won't exactly cause intense damage—but that shouldn't be an excuse for you to keep doing it. Once you wake up, use an oil-based cleanser to gently remove last night's gunk on your face. Your skin will probably feel parched in the morning (makeup dries it!), so it's best to slather on moisturizer after cleansing to hydrate your skin.

Else, you'll look like this.

So think about that next time you decide to sleep with your makeup on.

"I over-plucked my eyebrows. Now what?"

Drop that tweezer, because no amount of plucking will ever fix the damage done. Use a brow pencil to LIGHTLY trace an outline around your brows. Fill in sparse spots with an angled brush dipped in brow powder. If you don't have brow powder, use matte eyeshadow instead. As long as it's the same shade—or a little lighter—than your hair color, you're okay.

Your eyebrows should look like this after.

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Okay not really, but close enough.

"I popped my zit! How do I reduce the redness?"

OKAY FIRST, STOP TOUCHING IT. We'd advice you to not even think about putting on makeup, since that might make things even worse, but we know you'd attempt to, anyway. So here goes: Use a primer with green undertones to help lessen the redness. Then use a spot concealer to really hide it. Finish off by dabbing powder on your face. Sweeping will only remove any attempts at concealing your zit. And who wants that?

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At the end of the day, a zit is a zit. And it will go away. Don't punish yourself.

"I had a late night at work, and my eyes look a little too droopy. How can I make them look, well, alive?"

Easy-peasy! Just apply nude or peach eyeliner on your waterline. When all else fails, you can perfect this look, instead.

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"I put on too much blush!"

Remember that sponge you used to apply foundation or concealer? Gently dab that on the apples of your cheeks to lessen the redness.  You can also use powder to remove the excess color. Tissue works, too!

You do not want to look like this.