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Take Down Notes: These Are The 12 ~*Summer*~ Nail Trends Worth Trying Out RN

You're going to be obsessed.
summer manicure ideas
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You know one of the things that I love most about summer? The fact that people can actually SEE my manicure for once. So you better believe that when March 1st hit, I was ready to flaunt my manicured nails like it's my GD job. If you're just like me and you're trying to find some cute inspo, I've got you covered. I've rounded up the 12 summer 2021 nail trends—from IG-worthy designs to bright, eye-catching polish colors—that you should 100 percent try this season.

Summer 2021 Manicure Ideas

  1. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Color Blocking

    DIYing a color block design like this for your next manicure is surprisingly easy. Just paint your first four nails in lavender polish and your pinky in hot pink polish. Then go in and paint half of your thumb, pointer, and ring fingers in the same hot pink shade.

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  2. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Gradient French Tips

    These multi-color tips combine two of my favorite nail trends—the French manicure and the ombre manicure. They'll add the perfect amount of flair to your look without clashing with your summer outfits.

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  3. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Blue and Gold

    Gold and blue are two versatile nail polish colors that don't get paired together enough—and summer 2021 is here to change that. Like, look how chic/cool this combo is?!

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  4. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Bright Red Nails

    Summer is the perfect time to simplify your beauty routine, but you can (and should!) still make a statement with a bright, bold manicure. A few quick coats of this spicy red shade will do just that.

  5. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Abstract Designs

    An abstract mani honestly looks trendy in any season, but the bright yellow blocks of color in this graphic design are practically made for wearing on your nails in the warmer months.

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  6. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Modern Sunset Mani

    Move over sunset eyes, the sunset manicure (complete with gradient nail polish colors and detailed palm trees) is having its moment for summer 2021.

  7. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Dual-Finish Nails

    Show up to brunch with the coolest mani at the table by using two top coats with different finishes—one that's matte and one that's glossy. You can use them on alternate nails or on the same nail to create detailing.

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  8. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Red and White Manicure

    You don't need a fancy nail kit to DIY this cute red and white summer nail idea. Apply two coats of white polish to your nails, wait until it's fully dry, and then play around with the red brush strokes.

  9. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Neutral Manicure

    Using a few different warm-toned polishes gives this neutral mani a fun, summery feel. It's the perfect way to keep your nails low-key without being too basic or boring.

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  10. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Pink Marble

    When rose quartz nails first became popular, I didn't immediately jump on the bandwagon, and I deeply regret that. Good thing the look is still trending for summer 2021, bc I'm now fully obsessed and will be wearing it on my nails through Labor Day.

  11. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Multicolor Manicure

    If you're looking for a multi-colored mani without going full rainbow, these bright French tips are it. Just be sure to seal it all in with a gel topcoat for an extra-shiny and chip-resistant finish.

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  12. Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Funfetti-Inspired Nail Look

    The best part about this summer nail trend is that it hits on two levels: retro summer and Funfetti dessert. It's also my favorite new nail idea to wear on a summer date.


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