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Cosmo Online Hunk Andrew Wolff: Husband--Not Boyfriend--Material

As our featured hunk for the Love Month reveals what would make him commit to a girl, we'll find out what makes him such a catch.

We've all turned into Andrew Wolff fans now, if we weren't yet before his Cosmo Chat last Wednesday (if you missed it, watch for our coverage!). Now on his third week as our February Cosmo Online Hunk, the Philippine Volcanoes heartthrob is set to make us fall even deeper, as he reveals some very personal details about his life--including why he doesn't agree with the phrase "girlfriend material."

He divulged little secrets about his date life last week, but now he gets more up close and personal as he reveals the truth about himself (versus the misconceptions some of you had about him prior to getting to know him in, as well as what he finds attractive about women. This guy is open about his being single--could you be the girl who'd make him change his relationship status? Read and learn. (Don't forget to check out his third--and sexier--batch of photos after reading this interview!)

What are common misconceptions people have about you? We're sure you're aware of them.

That I’m just a really bad man, a big bad wolf. [But] I’m not really a big bad wolf.

We want to know the truth now, once and for all.

I’m a big, cuddly wolf (laughs). I’ve been involved in some issues before, some boxing issues and that kind of thing. They say I’m a bad man, but I’m not. Well, a little bit. We all have our bad side, our dark side (laughs). Hey, no one’s perfect, that’s the thing, no one’s perfect, and everyone has to go through something to realize this and to grow up and be mature. So that’s what’s happened to me in my life. I’ve experienced a lot of things, really good, really bad, somewhere in between, but it makes you a stronger person, it molds your character as a person. Obviously here I am now, a stronger person, a strong man.

So, what does a man like you look for in a girl?

Well, I think girls should not give themselves to just anyone. I think [I need] girls [who] date; [who] do things the right way before they move on to the other stages, the more intimate stages. I think I need a girl like that.

What other qualities should your ideal girl have?

Physically, you know height doesn’t really matter. Before, I was kind of shallow, I admit that: “Oh, beautiful girl, she’s this, she’s that.” In the end I think looks are only 20 percent [of what you look for]. You gotta have physical attraction of course, initially, that’s the first thing you see. But for me, I look at a girl now thinking, “Can I wake up with this girl everyday for the next 65 years of my life?” If I live that long, [that is] (laughs). And it’s more like the connection, you gotta have the connection. That’s it.

Initially, how can a girl catch your attention?

It depends on the situation (laughs). If she’s aesthetically pleasing to me, very beautiful, and smart, and can carry herself really well, then that’s amazing. I like that.

So what do you notice first about her?

Of course the face, you should be looking at the face. Some guys don’t look at the face (laughs), you know what I’m saying? Some people don’t talk to the face. [Then] of course the eyes.

Okay, let's get this out in the open: Are you a boob, butt, or legs guy?

I think I’m... Well, you know it’s a bonus if they had all three? (Laughs.) That’s awesome. But I’m more of a leg guy actually, to be honest. I catch myself looking at legs. Is this bad? Should I be saying this on the internet? (Laughs.) Yeah, I appreciate females, ladies, with nice legs.

Now, let's talk about personality. What would you find attractive in that sense?

Wow, now I’d like to think I go for the nice girl. I can’t deal with drama, I don’t want any drama anymore in my life (laughs). It’s like The Buzz (laughs). Now, what kind of girl do I go for? I don’t like girls who drink too much, I don’t like crazy girls. I’ve been involved with crazy girls in my life and it’s not fun. I’m quite a boring guy, so someone who’s boring as me would be perfect (laughs). I’m saying I’m a homebody, I stay at home, chill out, do some work, internet--not always partying, going out, no.

Let’s say you spot a girl in a bar and would like to meet her. How would you approach her?

Through social networking (laughs). “What’s her name? What’s her last name? Okay.” I have before, because I was too shy and my fear of rejection has, like, come over me.

You stalked her?

(Laughs.) Stalked, not really. How did I approach her? [I was] just myself, hi-hello, “Yo, what’s up? I’m Drew.” (Laughs.) But the thing is, usually if I like a girl, I would probably find a way of communicating with her... It depends, if they know my friends, then through friends: “Oh can you introduce me?" Say hi-hello, get acquainted. But if it’s just a random girl, I probably won’t approach her and that’s my bad, that’s my loss probably.

Do you find it hot when girls play your sport (rugby) or any other sport?

My sport, wow. To all the Lady Volcanoes, there are a lot of beautiful Lady Volcanoes. They just play a tough sport and some of them are pretty strong. I probably won’t want a lady as strong as them 'cause they whoop my backside on the field when we train (laughs). I think I’m into girls who play tennis maybe, volleyball, something more girly. Sorry, Lady Volcanoes, and all other female rugby players out there.

What will make you consider the girl you’re dating girlfriend material?

For me, they gotta be wife material, if I date them now. It’s pointless for me, I think it’s pointless to go into a relationship if you’re not willing to take it all the way because you’re just wasting your time. So when I go into a relationship, I always plan to go the distance. I’m not dating just to have a girlfriend.

How could I say she’s wife material? She’s career-minded, she’s domesticated, she’s not spoiled like with the maids and stuff, she can actually survive on her own, preferably can cook, that would be nice (laughs), that’s wifey material for me. She’s gotta be wife material and she’s got to want to have children and obviously get married--yeah, maybe have four children, five? If we can afford it. So when I chat with my male friends, it’s like, “Yeah, she’s wife material," not "She’s girlfriend material.”

Watch for Andrew's fourth and final layout on Wednesday, February 22!

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