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Cosmo Online Hunk John Cruz: Seductive Soul

This month’s hottie heats up our Halloween with his final set of provocative photos and interview. See them NOW.
As October draws to a close, we give you a titillating visual treat to get you in that festive Halloween mood. Our featured hunk for October 2009, John Cruz, assumes the role of a studly vampire out to lure innocent young girls to his mansion for a night of debauchery and death—by pleasure? This guy oozes with immortal machismo, you’d want to bare your neck for him in a heartbeat.

Get to know this real-life aspiring nurse a little more intimately as he reveals his steamy sex secrets!

Do you like doing it with lights on or off?



Well, if you are sexually attracted or visually attracted to a person, you want to see her in every way (laughs).

Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or commando?

Boxer briefs.

Have you ever gone commando?

I have, but it was really uncomfortable.


Well, when I did one time, I was sitting for a long period of time and my jeans were not as soft as boxer briefs would have been (laughs).

Why did you go commando in the first place?

Well, peer pressure (laughs)!

How old were you then?

Umm, 12 (laughs)! Everything happened when I was little.

But you don’t do stuff like that anymore?

Not really!

Do you go for aggressive girls or conservative types?

In between.

When would you like her to be aggressive?

When I want her to tell me what she wants.

And the conservative part?

When I want her to tell me what she wants, but not too loudly (laughs).

Would you ever have sex on the first date?

Recently I started to get more serious [when it comes to] relationships. So at the moment, no. I like to wait.

How long do you want to wait?

Like the next date (laughs)! I guess it depends, after a few weeks.

Would you ever kiss on the first date?


Would you ever date a cougar?

Oooh, it would be fun. I haven’t really tried it, but I think it would be an experience. Like Demi Moore!

We don’t have that many Demi Moore-type women here! Do you like a woman on top?

Depends on the mood. Or the time of the day (laughs).

So when do you usually like to do it?

Umm, any time of the day (laughs)!

Where do you usually like to do it?

In the room. But I’m into adventure, so if she is…

Are you single or dating now?

I’m single.

What happened to your last relationship? When did you break up?

That was 2008, April. I started to reorganize my priorities. [I got busy] with school.

So you’ve been single for a while now.


You heard it, ladies! He’s single!

Can’t get enough of John? Watch behind-the-scenes footage of our shoot with him here.

Shot on location at Seventy7 Outdecor Bar and Cafe, 51 Kamuning Road, Quezon City, (02) 410-4387
Hair and makeup by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista
Clothes by Topman

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