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Wow, Fantastic Baby: 8 Iconic BIGBANG Songs With Interesting Trivia

Legendary tracks from legendary boys.
8 Iconic BIGBANG Songs With Interesting Facts

ICYDK, you can now watch BIGBANG's Made: The Movie on Netflix! So, what better way to ~celebrate~ this than by listing down the boys' *best* songs to hype you up? BIGBANG's diverse discography can go from powerful to sentimental and if we're going to be honest, ALL of their tracks are *chef's kiss*—but some just beg to differ because of their meanings and milestones.

In time for their long-awaited comeback, let's talk about the most iconic songs from the Kings of K-pop:

1. "Fantastic Baby"

Although "Fantastic Baby" had its own share of controversy, no one can deny that this song is nothing short of...fantastic. In 2012, it's common to hear your neighbor blasting this gem on their speakers, and local radio stations would play it almost every day. Also, it's hard to remove the catchy phrases like "Yeogi buteora" and "Boom shakalaka" in our heads! The beat drop, blend of genres, and lyrics totally dominated our lives...and the international scene, too. "Fantastic Baby" was played in an episode of Glee and in the trailer of Pitch Perfect 2.


2. "Bang Bang Bang"

The group's single "Bang Bang Bang" did not just peak at the number one spot on the World Digital Song Chart—it was also the best-selling single in South Korea during that year! To add, the music video for this song is BIGBANG's first (MV) to reach 500 million views on YouTube. Think the track's success stops there? This year, a remix version of "Bang Bang Bang" went viral and gave birth to a TikTok trend!


In the MV of "WE LIKE 2 PARTY," we saw G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri having the time of their lives, ~if you know what I'm sayin'~. It's the boys in their most relaxed selves and to achieve this vibe, they actually drank alcohol in their studio before filming the MV! In a Naver broadcast prior to the release of the video, the members explained more about this: "We have always put a lot of effort into our videos, but this time we wanted to do something that was more cute and innocent, something that showed our natural sides. You can expect this to be different from our other videos, it will show us looking more normal and not dressed up.”

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4. "BAE BAE"

Billboard describes "BAE BAE" as BIGBANG's "sexual peak" and you'll find the sexual innuendos from the song's lyrics. At the same time, there's a roller coaster of ~feelings~ you'll go through once you watch the MVit's as if you're transported in a different world. GD shared in a press con that the video is inspired by Irish-born British artist Francis Bacon. While he's in a museum, Francis' works "strangely felt erotic" to him for some reason. On the other hand, the other members like Daesung hold a deeper view of this track and mentioned that it mirrors his personality.

5. "Sober"

We already know that the boys are music geniuses who can hide easter eggs in their songs and another example of that is "Sober." The song has a beautiful narrative perfectly portrayed in the MV, plus the lyrics just hits different ("I have so many damn things to do but I have nothing that I want to do," anyone?). But did you know that GD dropped a spoiler of this single in his 2013 MAMA performance? That's two years before its release! MIND. BLOWN.


6. "Loser"

Here's a single that symbolizes the group's life as K-pop idols. BIGBANG's aim when they came up with "Loser" is to tell the world that celebrities, not only them, are "just human beings." They also go through tough times just like anybody else. GD further explained that he co-wrote the song based on their experiences, but it can also have other interpretations: "Everyone lives in a different situation. Depending on how you accept it, this song could be your story."

7. "Let's Not Fall In Love"

This effort is a bittersweet symbol of what it's like to develop feelings for someone, but hurting them will always be inevitable. The music video of this song featured Seo Ye Ji, whom you will remember for her role in the Netflix drama, It's Okay, To Not Be Okay. Here, she portrayed the character of GD's lover. Aside from her, Vincenzo actress Kim Yoon Hye (you know, our hacker Seo Mi Ri!) was also a cast member in the MV who starred opposite Daesung. Another fun fact that you should know: There's a hidden message in the track at 2:50 and you'll hear a backward version of the phrase "Sorry, it’s not you, it’s me."


8. "Haru Haru"

The early 2000s mark the golden era of K-pop and "Haru Haru", which was released in 2008, cemented BIGBANG as leaders in the K-pop industry. The song was so popular that it even had a parody courtesy of the Infinite Challenge members! Also, if you look closely at the single's MV, you'll recognize a familiar face and that's actress Park Min Young. 13 years later, this OG song is still gold and has 43 million streams on Spotify. 

Bonus: "Sunset Glow"

The infectious "Sunset Glow" is actually a remake of Lee Moon Sae's 1998 track (and was played in the K-drama, Reply 1988).

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