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Quotes We Love From The Female Characters Of 'Sex Education'

'Please. Do I look like I have a Cinderella complex?'
PHOTO: Netflix

We've gotten hooked on this Netflix TV series (which recently got renewed for a second season) and we absolutely love how honest and real it is! Sex Education only consists of eight episodes, so binge-watching is not a problem. I mean, we all watch 16-plus episode K-dramas, so what's eight, right?   

Behold, 10 lines from Sex Education's female characters that we love: 

1. Maeve: Hot tubs aren't really my thing.
Jackson: What is your thing, then?
Maeve: Complex female characters.

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2. Maeve: I'm really smart, sir. I just got unlucky in the family department.

3. Aimee to Ruby: I'm dumping you. For her.

4. Jean to Otis: It's a fine balance, listening to people without inserting yourself into their reality.


5. Jean: I have no room in my life for the kind of intimacy you are clearly craving. But I really commend you on your directness and bravado, and I really hope you find what you're looking for. Goodbye, now.

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6. Maeve: Please. Do I look like I have a Cinderella complex?


7. Maeve: Which girls hate you, Ruby?
Ruby: All of them. I'm a bitch, Meave. I'm a bitch to everyone.

8. Maeve to Otis: I think I know where the hymen is, but thanks.

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9. Sarah: Oh, fuck off and let me eat my mousse.

10. Maeve to Aimee: If you like him, do what you want.


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