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'Hospital Playlist' Is The Newest K-Drama That Will Satisfy Your Netflix Addiction

It’s coming on March 12!

If you need a new K-drama to stream on Netflix, look no further with the upcoming release of Hospital Playlist.

The new series tells the story of five friends who have stayed close with each other since they attended medical school together 20 years ago.

The five characters in the story have very diverse personalities, and Hospital Playlist takes a look at their lives behind the hospital curtains. Here, viewers will get to see their deep connections and the complicated lives that they have which are hidden from patients, family, staff, and fellow doctors whom they interact with on a daily basis.

The upcoming series stars Cho Jung Seok who plays Ik Jun, a self-described “inside operator” who has excelled academically and socially; Yoo Yeon Seok as Jeon Won, a person who is always polite and carting at work but has a totally different side to him; Chong Kyung Ho as Jun Wan, an outstanding surgeon who is miserable in real life; Kim Dae Myong as Seok Hyeong, a reclusive loner; and Jeon Mi Do as Song Hwa, the group’s de-facto spiritual leader.

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Directed by Shin Won Ho of Prison Playbook and created by the minds behind the Reply series, Hospital Playlist airs on tvN in South Korea. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, the series is available for streaming on Netflix starting on March 12 with new episodes every Thursday.

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Check out the trailer for Hospital Playlist:

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