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14 Influencers Reveal Their Go-To Photo Editing App For Instagram

One app is apparently super popular!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/kryzzzie, (RIGHT) Instagram/tgosingtian

Getting the money shot for Instagram doesn't end at the click of your camera. Oftentimes, the glossy (or grainy) aesthetic images you find on your feed take a bit more dressing up before it's ready to earn your like. That said, with the myriad of photo editing apps out there that can do the trick, it's quite a conundrum to find the perfect one that fits your fancy.

To help you settle on the best ones, below, we asked influencers and bloggers for their go-to Instagram editing apps. After all, creating premium content is a job they know all too well.

Maggie Wilson

“I love using Lightroom for mobile. It’s super easy to use and I create my own presets, which makes editing my photos faster. All I need to do is copy-paste and the editing is done!”

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Tricia Gosingtian

“I like editing my photos on NOMO, RNI, VSCO (I just use the free M5 filter!), and Lightroom (for my custom presets). For selfies, I often use Ulike or Pitu.”

Kryz Uy

“I just use Lightroom, slap on a filter, and call it a day! It’s the most convenient for me since my laptop and phone are synced through the app, so I don’t have to deal with transferring photos!”

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Camille Co

“Lightroom is my fave because it's practically like you're editing on your laptop. There's so much you can do! Plus, you can save your own presets, which makes life so much easier."

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Ida Anduyan

“Lately I’ve just been using Lightroom. If we’re being technical I just love how it renders adjustments with shadows and highlights, it’s super targeted and never muddy. It’s perfect for minimal edits.”

Chi Gibbs

“It’s Lightroom for sure. I make my own presets.”

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Vince Uy

"I actually use Afterlight for treating my photos. I love the filters that they have plus you can also customize and make your own filter!"

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Patricia Henson

"It’s VSCO and Afterlight on mobile, then for the laptop I use Lightroom. For VSCO, I would usually use the filters on the app as the base edit of my photo when I’m post processing on my phone. I believe they have the best choice of filters (I have the full version).

"For Afterlight, I like its effects. Grain, scratches, light leaks, etc. It’s very detailed. So many options for adjusting colors. I have a full version of that, too. You can do loads on here, I tell you!

"But I really edit my photos on my laptop. I’ll only do mobile editing if I don’t have a choice and really need to do a post for a brand. Other than that, my travel photos can wait 'til I get on my laptop. It’s just something I’ve gotten used to."

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Lissa Kahayon

“I only edit my photos on Lightroom and through my laptop. I shoot photos in raw format, so hindi kaya ng phone memory. LOL! And then I shoot in raw because it’s easier for me to manipulate the color of my photos without compromising photo quality. I also don’t post as often on my feed so I don’t mind having to transfer and edit photos on my laptop.”

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Patricia Prieto

“I personally LOVE Lightroom. It helps me bring out every detail in each photo I shoot and post. It also helps that presets are insanely helpful when it comes to elevating my photos.”

Renee de Guzman

“VSCO is the way to go for me! It’s so easy to use and sometimes the filters they make/have are really beautiful when placed on certain images!”

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Janeena Chan

“Lightroom for when I’m feeling extra meticulous! But sometimes when the photo looks good raw, I just do minor edits via the built in editing tools of my iPhone! InShot for videos since it’s really easy and quick to use!”

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Rhea Bue

“I use Lightroom and I do my own presets.”

Aryanna Epperson

"My go-to editing app is Lightroom! I love how you can create your own presets to help achieve a consistent tinted feed. I usually just adjust the temperature and tint to achieve a peachy/pink look."

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