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Jessy Mendiola Gets Real About Fitness And Binge Eats Like The Rest Of Us

'I'm a human being and sometimes I just really give in.'
PHOTO: Instagram/senorita_jessy

Jessy Mendiola has received more hate thrown at her daily than any of us regular girls have had in a lifestime. The Kapamilya actress, who’s been slaying her body-positive disposition amidst all the online shaming, gets even more real as she admits her struggles with fitness.

By posting a workout selfie, Jessy came clean about binge eating–something she’s not entirely proud of.

She wrote, “Last night I finished late from shooting and when I got home, I ate one bag of popcorn and chocolates while watching tv. Yes people, I do that too. I binge eat at night sometimes when I'm tired. I'm not really proud of it because it's not healthy, but hey, I'm a human being and sometimes I just really give in.

We so get you, Jessy!

She added, “You know what's the best thing about it? I learned that you really have to treat yourself once in a while. Especially when you're tired. But make sure you balance it out by exercising and eating healthy most days. I've tried all those fad diets and starvation/fasting stuff. Trust me, they don't work.”

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Jessy ends her post by giving us a much-needed dose of inspo: “My point is, it doesn't matter how long it takes. Do not abuse your body. Eat. Move. Enjoy. I admit, I do feel guilty sometimes but I know it's a process. A long journey but a worthwhile one…Strong is indeed beautiful, and right now I feel at my prettiest.”

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