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7 K-Dramas That Are *Really* Deserving Of A Second Season

Gotta start petitioning!
7 K-Dramas That Deserve A Second Season

don't know about you, but I somehow hate watching the final episodes of K-dramas I grew fond of. It's like watching a curtain fall towards the end of a show, waiting for an encore that only leaves you hanging, and the empty feeling of loss sinking deep into your stomach. That bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye to the characters and waking up without new episodes to look forward to makes me want to wish a series could go on forever. Which of course, is unlikely to happen even if we wish upon a hundred shooting stars. But even though a show without an end is impossible, we could wish for a more realistic scenario—for our favorite K-dramas to have a second season!

There are mainly two reasons we would vote for a K-drama to progress to another season: One, there are still so many questions left unanswered, and two, it’s just too beautiful that our hearts can’t help but cry for more—sometimes it's both. And here are some of those shows that left us wanting more.


Here are seven K-dramas that need a second season:

1. Twenty Five, Twenty  One

Who's in it: Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, WJSN's Bona, Choi Hyun Wook

Moving on from this show is like making a hundred backflips while eating halo-halo, it's just impossible to do. Months after Twenty Five, Twenty One wrapped up, I could still see fanmade videos and posts that continue to make me ball my eyes out (and trust me to share every single one of them!) I guess this is the beauty of painful endings, it's just etched in our hearts forever. Twenty Five, Twenty One in all its glory is incredibly well-written but still left us with some plot threads hanging and with no definite answers.

Fans are pinning for a second season showing how Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) copes up and shares more about the squad’s friendship and its different faces through the years. It’s even better if Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) and Yi Jin meet in the future, untangle the knots of their failed relationship, and perhaps, give their love another shot. Every Twenty Five, Twenty One fan will be so down for it!

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Twenty Five Twenty One | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

2. Tomorrow

Who's in it: Kim Hee Sun, SF9's Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Yoon Ji On

Call me a conventional K-drama fan, but I am always a sucker for the cheesy, lighthearted, romantic K-drama trope. And so when I first watched Tomorrow, a show that leaned hard on melodrama and discussed heavy topics like drugs, sexual abuse, and suicide, I didn't think that I would fall hard for it. But five episodes later, I refuse to sleep until I finish the whole show. With my eyes swollen from ugly crying after each episode, the finale sent me into a sweet abyss filled with awe and great empathy for people and what they go through.

As the afterlife's Risk Management Team continues to prevent suicides and Choi Jun Woong (Rowoon), as helpful and soft-hearted as he is, continues to help people in need; we see them reuniting in the last episode to stop another suicide attempt. Although Jun Woong doesn't have any memory of his previous co-workers, the final scene still gave off a comedic take on the grim reapers talking about Jun Woong's comeback after he dies 50 years later. It makes us think about their future adventures and feel excited to see it all again; hence, a second season is a need! I bet everyone who watched Tomorrow would also agree that Go Ryeon (Kim Hee Sun) and Park Joong Gil (Lee Soo Hyuk) need another redemption for their lost love. We all need another drama focusing on their romance, please!


Tomorrow | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

3. Hotel Del Luna

Who's in it: IU, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Do Hyun

Another finale that broke our hearts, Hotel Del Luna joins the list of K-dramas that made us wish a happy ending was in the cards for the leads. The world-building, cinematography, and OST are excellent in this drama and we can't deny the fact that a second season would be a treat for all of us. Especially when it also ended with a powerful teaser with the iconic Kim Soo Hyun. His 60-second cameo made a buzz and pushed fans to the edge of their seats. Even I couldn't help but gasp in awe as Soo Hyun endearingly says, "The moon has risen. It's time to start business." The hotel changed its name to Hotel Blue Moon which exuded a different vibe from the previous hotel. It would be interesting to see how this new story will unfold and we are honestly hungry for more details!


Three years later, the dust has settled and the buzz died down, but the interest and anticipation for the second season remain. There's still no green light for it, but as they say, love is patient. And Hotel Del Luna will always be worth the wait!

#1 hotel for your journey to the afterlife | Hotel Del Luna Highlights | Netflix [ENG SUB]

4. Cheese In The Trap

Who's in it: Park Hae Jin, Kim Go Eun, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk

If there will be a list of K-dramas with the most hated ending, I think Cheese In The Trap would top the list. No offense to the writer and the whole production team—they all did an amazing job and this is actually my favorite K-drama of all time. It just pains me that a strong, unpredictable series with a unique take on mental health, and brilliantly written characters didn't get the ending it deserved.

After the brutal fate Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin) and Kang Sol (Kim Go Eun) went through because of a series of mishaps that grew from Yoo Jung's behavioral issues, we see our male lead sacrificing their relationship to avoid inflicting more pain. Years passed and they crossed paths again but didn’t see each other. The final scene finally rolls into Jung sending an email to Sol. And that's it—a cliffhanger that made viewers pull their hair out of frustration. Although it's an open ending and it’s up to the viewers to interpret it the way they want, it would have been better to see the leads reunite, heal, and live happily. I know many years have passed and a second season is unlikely to happen, but it won't stop the fans from dreaming of it. We all deserve a Yoo Jung and Kang Sol comeback!


Cheese In The Trap Trailer

5. Vagabond

Who's in it: Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung Rok

Vagabond doesn't fall short when it comes to some impressive twists and turns. It will take you on a deep dive into a black hole of action, thrill, and conspiracies. But even though the story is engaging and took us on a fun ride, the drama stumbles on the last run, leaving a bitter taste in our mouths. The show saw us fall in love with Cha Dal Geon (Lee Seung Gi) and Go Hae Ri (Bae Suzy) and their action-packed adventure only to leave us hanging when the two got separated and make a startling reunion in the end.

With an open ending and full of questions left unanswered, the fans call for a second season. There's still no news about it, but just like how the drama took us by surprise, maybe the announcement will do, too!


Vagabond | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

6. Love All Play

Who's in it: Park Ju Hyun, Chae Jong Hyeop, Kim Mu Jun, Seo Ji Hye, Park Ji Hyun

This is one of those K-dramas that just flow smoothly without the burden of mind-altering plot twists and villains who are sick to the core. Blending romance, comedy, and sports drama, Love All Play successfully earned the hearts of many K-drama fans as early as episode one. The ending satisfied fans but it also hinted at the beginning of a new journey for our characters. Park Tae Yang (Park Ju Hyun) finally resolved her issues with Park Jun Young (Park Ji Hyun) and overcame her slump and trauma. Park Tae Joon (Chae Jong Hyeop) has come out of the shadow of his sister and is ready to make a name for himself. Yook Jung Hwan (Kim Mu Jun) overcame his heartbreak and found a new romance with Lee Yoo Min (Seo Ji Hye) and are on their way to becoming a great badminton duo.


After resolving their issues, you can't help but to want more for them. Would the Park twins thrive after becoming part of the national team? Would Jung Hwan and Yoo Min's relationship survive despite their differences? I would also love to see Yoo Min improve and finally live up to her potential as a badminton player. There are still a bunch of possibilities for these characters to look forward to that only a second season can give us!

Love all play Trailer [Eng sub]

7. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Who’s in it: Lee Joon Gi, IU, Kang Ha Neul, Nam Joo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun, Kim Ji Soo, EXO's Baekhyun

When Lee Joon Gi, the actor who played fourth prince Wang So, opened up about filming an unreleased ending of this drama where Hae Soo (IU) and Wang So meet again in the future, the fans went wild. I've seen posts, articles, and fan-made videos about the alternate ending being shared and people airing their frustrations for weeks.


You can't blame the Scarlet Heart Ryeo nation though—falling into a K-drama heartbreak and knowing that a more desirable ending could've aired, the fans felt robbed and thus started petitioning for a second season. Even the main leads, IU and Lee Joon Gi expressed their interest in a possible comeback. Fans are left hanging up to now, but we are still holding on to the final scene where Wang So says that he would look for Hae Soo, hinting at a possible reunion. So Wang So, hurry up and find her already!



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