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9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About 'Tomorrow' Actress Kim Hee Sun

Her favorite hobby? Oil painting!
9 Facts About 'Tomorrow' Actress Kim Hee Sun

I remember the day the trailer for Tomorrow dropped. Group chats were buzzing with excitement over a new K-drama and to make it even more thrilling, it's one about grim reapers! Tomorrow, which stars SF9's Rowoon, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yoon Ji On, is about a seemingly perfect guy who can't land a job, despite graduating from a good university and coming from a wealthy family. One night, Choi Joon Wong (Rowoon) accidentally meets grim reapers who are dedicated to saving people contemplating suicide; they belong to a "crisis management team" led by Goo Ryun (Kim Hee Sun). Joon Wong then becomes the youngest member of their team!

While I do love Rowoon, it's Kim Hee Sun who caught my attention. It's hard not to notice her when she's transformed into a pink-haired badass for this drama.

Tomorrow | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

When asked why Hee Sun signed on for Tomorrow, she said she wanted to be a part of a drama that comforts everyone—a show that says, "I'm there for you." She described her character as a tsundere: Cold on the outside, warm on the inside. Fun fact: They are similar in that sense but unlike Goo Ryun, who prefers not to get close to people, the actress loves to socialize! Below are a few other things you might not know about Kim Hee Sun.

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Interesting facts about Kim Hee Sun:

  1. Kim Hee Sun was born on June 11, 1977.
    Say hello to a Gemini queen! At work, a Gemini is a great team player and they do well in high-pressure environments. This sounds exactly like Hee Sun. Take it from Tomorrow director Kim Tae Yoon, who had nothing but kind words to say about the actress: "Even with our non-stop schedule, the reason the filming set was always a fun place was because Kim Hee Sun always led the atmosphere with a cheerful attitude."

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  2. She began her career as a model.
    Like many K-drama actors and actresses, Kim Hee Sun started out as a model in teen magazines. She was discovered at a Fair Face beauty contest in 1992 when she was just in middle school! She appeared in a commercial in 1993 and then eventually debuted that same year. Hee Sun had a lot of success in the '90s, starring in hit dramas like Propose, Wedding Dress, Mister Q, Sunflower, and Tomato. She even took home a top prize at the 1998 SBS Drama Awards for her role in Mister Q.

    Her big-screen debut was in Repechage opposite Jang Dong Gun. And because she was so popular among Chinese viewers, she even acted alongside Jackie Chan in The Myth! How cool is that?

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    In 2007, Kim Hee Sun took a step back from acting when she married Park Joo Young. After several years away from the spotlight, she returned as a doctor who time travels in the 2012 period drama, Faith. She has since worked on many well-received projects like Angry Mom, The Lady In Dignity, Room No. 9, and of course, Alice.

    Joo Won doesn't like Kim Hee Seon, but says she's special [Alice Ep 7]

    Kim Hee Sun is currently represented by Hinge Entertainment.

  3. She cut her hair short and dyed it pink for Tomorrow to stay true to the character in the webtoon.
    Hee Sun really wanted to bring the character to life, sharing, "I think it's the best way to get closer to the character and the project. It’s my first time in 20 years that I dyed my hair and got a bobbed haircut. In order to maintain the pink color, I wash my hair once every two to three days with coating shampoo." Talk about dedication!

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    In an interview with Vogue Korea, she spoke about how her mindset has shifted as an actress: "There was a period of time where I would work and only pay attention to how pretty I was coming out [on screen] and how much screen time I was getting. While acting, your face can be compromised in some scenes but I just wanted to appear pretty. Thankfully, my acting and my attitude towards work have changed to be more desirable. Now, I participate with the mindset that those around me have to do well for the project to do well. Appearing pretty is no longer important."

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  4. She took lessons from a plastic surgeon for a role.
    As mentioned, when she made her comeback, Kim Hee Sun took on the role of a modern-day doctor who was kidnapped and taken back to the Goryeo period by a general (portrayed by Lee Min Ho). Her character was supposed to cure the scar left on the princess' body. To prepare for the role, she underwent real-life training with a plastic surgeon. Hee Sun explained, "There aren’t that many surgery scenes in the drama, but the idea is to portray a 'doctor that came from the sky,’ so I need to show quick hands…I’m doing my best to show good acting." Wow!

  5. She is a mom.
    Hee Sun gave birth to her daughter, Park Yeon Ah, in 2009. In a 2014 interview, she couldn't help but gush about her kid, sharing that Yeon Ah knows how to ski! Hee Sun also shared that at the time, her daughter didn't realize her mother was an actress. When Yeon Ah saw Hee Sun's kissing scene with Lee Min Ho in Faith, she apparently got mad! LOL!

    Faith || Choi Young & Yoo Eun Soo

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  6. Her favorite hobby is oil painting.
    And when something bad happens, she always has the urge to draw. Kim Hee Sun said, "I was afraid because this was the first hobby I did on my own. Those around me gave me the courage to try doing whatever my heart desired and I've reached this point after drawing without a plan. Rather than look towards my artistic achievement, I just started a new hobby, and now I have all these drawings. In my twenties, I didn't have a hobby like this. I'd finish work late at night and I couldn't golf or play tennis or table tennis at that time. I didn't want to sleep because I was young so I'd relieve stress by meeting up with others to eat and drink. Now, I have an enjoyable hobby of painting. If the opportunity arises one day, I want to open a small exhibition at a café."

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  7. She wants to work with Kang Ha Neul and Yoo Ah In.
    The veteran actress has worked with a lot of younger actors. In Angry Mom, she worked with Ji Soo and Ji Hyun Woo; in Room No. 9, Kim Young Kwang; and in Alice, Joo Won and Kwak Si Yang. In an interview with MBN, she mentioned that she would love to work with Kang Ha Neul and Yoo Ah In: "I didn't watch every single episode of When The Camellia Blooms but it made a big impact on me. Yoo Ah In says each line with feeling and careful intensity. I was watching '#Alive' and I could see a whole new side of him. I realized that he's a heaven-sent kind of actor."

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  8. She wishes she had done things differently in her twenties.
    Because she entered the industry at such a young age, she focused on building her career and working hard early on. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing but she told Cosmopolitan Korea, "I think I worked too much, and so I feel a little regretful. In my twenties, it would have been nice if I had traveled with the people I loved—those kinds of thoughts occur to me. If you work hard to earn money when you are young so that you can travel when you are older, by the time you can travel, your strength is different. Even though it is true that I now live comfortably because I worked hard when I was young, when I look at my juniors harassed by busy schedules, I feel sad for them. If you can, spend your time in your twenties with a carefree mind."

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  9. Kim Hee Sun has an Instagram account.
    Her Instagram handle is @lovely.katie.k! She uses it to promote her work but also shares some sweet shots from her personal life.


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