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Everything You Need To Know About 'The Penthouse' Star Kim Young Dae

The Penthouse's Kim Young Dae: Facts, Birthday, Bio
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/sbsdrama.official, INSTAGRAM/youngdae0302

One of the best K-dramas we've seen this year is definitely The Penthouse. Even if it's crazy, blood-boiling, and stressful as hell, we can't deny that WE.LOVE.IT! Apart from the nakakalokang plot, another thing that caught our attention is the actor who plays the role of Joo Suk Hoon. 

Do you feel the same way? We bet you do! Allow us to introduce to you The Penthouse star, Kim Young Dae:

He was born on March 2, 1996.

Which makes Kim Young Dae a 24-year-old Pisces! Those with this star sign are known for being quirky, creative, and having a *lot* emotions.

He can play the guitar and piano.

Yup, he is one talented guy! According to his entertainment agency's website, Outer Korea, Kim Young Dae can play musical instruments. He is also fluent in Chinese, English, and Korean! Need proof? Get ready to fall even harder for him with this clip:


Kim Young Dae studied in China.

In an interview with OSEN, the actor shared that he took up commerce at the distinguished Fudan University but during his first year as a college student, he met the CEO of an entertainment agency, and the rest, as they say, is history. Kim Young Dae also mentioned that he was hesitant at first about his transition: “When I first decided on this career, it was when I had a lot of doubt about my studies. And I had ambition about a new field. I had only thought about graduating and getting a job, but I was fascinated when I coincidentally came across a new world. Thinking of it as a big challenge, I thought, ‘Why don’t I try it?'”

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Kim Young Dae made his K-drama debut in 2018.

The actor has made special appearances in various series when he entered the industry and in just a short span of time, he has already bagged a handful of impressive roles in memorable dramas! This includes Extraordinary YouWhen The Weather Is Fine, Cheat On Me If You Can, and of course, The Penthouse.

We can't forget about Kim Young Dae's role in Extraordinary You

In fact, Kim Young Dae said that he is often called by his character's name, Oh Nam Joo, instead of his real one! LOL. 


Extraordinary You is the K-drama adaptation of the webtoon July Found By Chance and is not your usual high school life drama because the characters live in the world of comics! Oh Nam Joo is the main male character in this ~life~ and he's the son of a chaebol. In school, Nam Joo is the most popular student and the leader of A3 (think of Boys Over Flowers's F4 but make it three lang). He's smitten with Yeo Joo Da (APRIL's Naeun), the female protagonist in their world. Their set-up might be a bit cliché (and cheesy) but trust me, THE KILIG IS REAL.

In an interview, Kim Young Dae shared that he is very different from Oh Nam Joo IRL: "I’m not a tsundere. I like to be friendly to girls I like, just like [how] Lee Do Hwa (Jung Gun Joo) is in the drama. I do have a silly side like Oh Nam Joo, but except for that, we are complete opposites. I’m usually very quiet and similar to Lee Do Hwa when I’m with close friends.” ICYDK, a tsundere is an anime character who appears tough at first to the one he likes but eventually becomes a sweetheart


Kim Young Dae made a cameo in True Beauty as Oh Nam Joo!

Is this true? Yes! Towards the last few episodes of the webtoon drama, he appeared as his Extraordinary You character whom Ju Kyung (Moon Ga Young) mistook as Suho (Cha Eun Woo). (Remember the Namsan Tower scene?) His other EOY co-stars, Lee Jae Wook, Kim Hye Yoon, Lee Tae Ri, and Jung Gun Joo were also guests in True Beauty!

In Cheat On Me If You Can, Kim Young Dae's character is extra *interesting.*

Why? Because he's a convenience store part-timer who happens to also be a spy! We don't want to put more spoilers here, so this your sign to watch the drama on Viu.

Kim Young Dae says that it was hard for him to ~become~ a bully in The Penthouse.

The actor revealed in an interview that transforming into Joo Suk Hoon is challenging, knowing that he's more than just an ordinary student: “It was a little hard psychologically, but I tried to immerse myself in the acting, I had to think of these evil acts as part of who Joo Suk Hoon was. These acts formed part of the foundation of who he was, so there was a bit of psychological pain involved in immersing myself into that.” 


He's on Instagram, so go ahead and follow him.

We're guessing Kim Young Dae's IG account, @youngdae0302, is a mix of his name and birthday. Are we sleuths or are we sleuths? Oh, and did we mention that his photos will make you weak in the knees?



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