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10 Must-Watch Dramas And Movies Starring *Master Of Kissing* Seo In Guk

He got his big break in the beloved 2012 series, 'Reply 1997!'
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Seo In Guk (aka one of South Korea's *BEST KISSERS*) is definitely more than his kilig-inducing kissing scenes. The 33-year-old Hallyu star actually got his start in the industry as a singer when he was hailed the winner of the talent competition Superstar K in 2009. But it was in 2012 that In Guk got his big break in the Kdramaworld, and since then, has focused more on honing his craft in acting. He never really takes on the same type of role twice and has starred in a slew of hit dramas (and a couple of movies, as well!) throughout his career!

So, to know more about his acting credits, here are 10 of Seo In Guk's dramas and films you absolutely need to watch:

Previous Projects

1. Reply 1997 (2012)

Where to watch it: Netflix

The plot: Who doesn't know the beloved Reply series, right? Well, Reply 1997 is actually the first installment and follows the lives of six teens in Busan in the year 1997. The drama follows first-gen K-pop fangirl Sung Shi Won (Jeong Eun Ji). Seo In Guk plays Shi Won's quiet childhood BFF Yoon Yoon Jae.


2. No Breathing (2013)

The plot: No Breathing is a sports film that centers on Korea's national swimming team and stars Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk as rival swimmers! Jong Suk is Woo Sang, a determined national swimmer who worked his way to the top spot; while In Guk is Won Il, his childhood rival who quit swimming after personal tragedies. Years later, Won Il plans to make a comeback. Fun fact: They actually filmed some scenes here in the PH!

3. The Master's Sun (2013)

Where to watch it: Netflix Viu

The plot: The Master's Sun stars So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won, a greedy CEO of a conglomerate, and Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gong Shil, a woman who has the ability to see ghosts. But interestingly enough, the ghosts that surround Gong Shil happen to disappear when Joong Won touches her! Seo In Guk plays an ex-soldier of the South Korean army who ends up working as the head of security of Joong Won's company.

Recommended Videos

4. High School King Of Savvy (2014)

The plot: Fond of dramas about ~switching-places~ with someone else? Then this one's for you! In High School King Of Savvy, Lee Min Suk (Seo In Guk) is an immature varsity ice hockey player in his high school. Things ~change~ drastically when he has to take in the place of his older brotherwho's his spitting imageand pretend to be him at his new big-time tech job!

5. The King's Face (2014)

The plot: The King's Face is a sageuk drama that's set in the Joseon period. Seo In Guk plays Gwanghae, the illegitimate child of the king who then becomes the crown prince of Joseon. Growing up is not easy for him as death threats and a rivalry with his father get in the way for him to claim his rightful place on the throne.

6. I Remember You/Hello Monster (2015)

Where to watch it: Viu


The plot: Did you know Seo In Guk did a drama with Park Bo Gum, no less? In I Remember You, In Guk plays a ~genius~ profiler who returns back to Korea to search for answers for a past he can't remember. He then reconnects with his younger brother Lee Min (Park Bo Gum), but soon finds out he's actually using a new name, Jung Sun Ho. EXO's D.O. is also part of the cast!

7. Squad 38 (2016)

The plot: Seo In Guk as a professional swindler? Yes, please! Squad 38 is a crime drama that revolves around a group of cops and criminals who team up to catch tax evaders. Squad 38 also stars famed actor Ma Dong Seok and Girls' Generation's Sooyoung.

8. Shopping King Louis (2016)

The plot: Here's a fun riches-to-rags story to give you some romance! Seo In Guk plays rich and pampered chaebol heir Louis. He lives for all the luxuries life has to offerthat is, until he loses his memory. Louis then meets Bok Shil (Nam Ji Hyun), a frugal young woman from the countryside who teaches him to find contentment in leading a simple life. Fun fact: It was in this drama that In Guk was given the nickname ~Master of Kissing~, LOL!


Recent Projects

9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018)

Where to watch it: Viu

The plot: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is actually a remake of the Japanese series Sora Kara Furu Ichioku No Hoshi (2002). In the drama, Seo In Guk plays Kim Moo Young, a cold and mysterious assistant in a beer brewery. He quickly falls in love with a warm-hearted woman named Yoo Jin Kang (Jung So Min) and begins to show his soft and innocent side. However, not everything is as it seems when he is linked to an unsolved homicide case.

Upcoming Projects

10. Doom At Your Service (Coming soon)

Where to watch it: Viu

The plot: Seo In Guk stars in the fantasy drama, Doom At Your Service, as a man called "Doom" who has the ability to make the things he touches ~disappear~. Park Bo Young plays Tak Dong Kyung, an editor at a web novel publisher who lives an ordinary life until ~fate~ changes everything for her. Doom At Your Service premieres on May 9, 2021.



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