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The *Beautiful* Backstories Behind The Tattoos Of These Pinay Celebs

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Side-by-side pictures of Sue Ramirez seated on floor with eyes closed, and a picture of her wrist with her sunflower and lyrics tattoos.
PHOTO: Instagram/sueannadoodles

Getting inked sounds like a scary thing to do but it can also feel liberating as a form of self-expression. You just have to be really sure what kind of tattoo you want to have! It's going to stick with you for life so better make it a meaningful one. For these celebs, their tattoos have different stories to tell. Check out some of them:

Nadine Lustre

In her Monster RX93.1 interview, Nadine reveals that the characters on her arm is actually her Japanese name which translates to Nozomi Komiya. Nozomi means "hope" while Komiya, Nadine claims, could have been her real family name. She found out from relatives that her great great grandfather was a Japanese migrant with the surname Komiya. He moved to the Philippines and married a Filipina. Instead of using Komiya, he decided to adopt his business partner's last name which was Lustre. Wow, so that pretty much explains why Nadine is such a Japanese culture fan!

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That's just one of Nadine's many tattoos. She also has a vine, crescent moon, sparkle emoji, rose, heart, "mon cheri", "ooh la la", "Ego Omnia", and "Tadhana" lyrics "Nakayapak at nahihiwagaan" tatts! The latter is in honor of her late bro since it was his favorite song. For her next tattoo, Nadine plans to get a butterfly design because, to her, it means reincarnation. 

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Leila Alcasid

Fun fact: Her mom, beauty queen and former actress Michelle van Eimeren, drew the Japanese anemone tattoo for her! That's a really sweet gesture.

Sue Ramirez

Sue has the evil eye tattoo on the back of her arm so she feels protected, and also because people often tease her for having big eyes (kaya nagdagdag pa raw siya. Own it, girl!)

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In a Magandang Buhay interview, she also says it also pays tribute to her late father's blue eyes.

She also has the words "dance, try, sail, rise" tattooed on her wrist and there's a funny story behind it! Sue says she tends to forget the lyrics to "While We Are Young", one of the featured songs in her movie Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi.

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She wrote the song's keywords in time for a mall show and ended up liking them so she got a tattooed version!

Aside from these, Sue has sunflower and rainbow streak tattoos as well.

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