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Pinays Share Their Favorite K-Drama *Appas*

Just thinking of Park Saeroyi's dad makes us cry!

It won't feel like Father's Day if we don't honor the K-drama dads who made us all cry and *feel special*! Dads in dramas aren't perfect, of course, but that's what makes their scenes with the leads sooo relatable. Below are the *best* fictional K-drama appas, according to Cosmo Girls.  

1. Park Saeroyi's dad in Itaewon Class

"First, he loves food, and he seemed like a really cool dad to Saeroyi. But what I really liked about him is he did not compromise his principles...I cry every time he appears onscreen!"Bea 

"Hands down Saeroyi's dad. In Episode 1, just when you thought he was going to apologize to Chairman Jang when Saeroyi punched the most annoying character on television, he's like, 'He's still just a child who doesn't know the ways of the world. It's hard to believe that he's my son. I'M AMAZED BY HIM. He's doing what he thinks is right and is willing to be responsible. So I have nothing more to say to you, sir.' THE TEAAARS."—Ysa  

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The actor playing the appa: Son Hyun Joo

2. Ik Jun in Hospital Playlist 

"My current fave is Doctor Ik Jun from Hospital Playlist! Partly because he's such a good *single* dad to Uju (sobrang dedicated and responsible niya, grabe) and partly because sobrang cute lang ni Uju! More Uju scenes for Season 2, please!"Grace 

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The actor playing the appaJo Jung Suk

3. Bok Joo's dad in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 

"The first K-drama dad that won my heart was Kim Bok Joo's papa! Yes, he was pasaway (esp. with his health LOL), but he was the most supportive father to Bok Joo and her sports career talaga. She was his pride and joy and he never made her feel that she couldn't do anything just 'cause she was *a girl*." Cindy

The actor playing the appa: Ahn Gil Kang

4. Gang-hwa in Hi Bye, Mama!

Even though it was super hard and there were times when he wanted to give up, Gang-hwa juggled being a doctor + a newborn baby's dad after his wife passed away! 

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The actor playing the appa: Lee Kyu Hyung

5. Captain Ri's dad in Crash Landing On You 

Everyone who watched the show fell in love with Captain Ri's military man appa when he defended his son and his loyal band of soldiers from the enemy. Also, remember when he was *flabbergasted* when his son flirted with Se-ri right in front of him? 

The actor playing the appaJeon Gook Hwan

6. Sung Dong Il in the Reply series

Yup, this amazing actor played all the lead characters' dads in Reply 1997, Reply 1994, and Reply 1988! Even though his roles were *grumpy* at times, you could tell that they really loved their families. 

The actor playing the appa: Sung Dong Il

7. Jung Hwan and Jung Bong's dad in Reply 1988

"My fave among [the Reply 1988 dads] is Kim-sajang! He had the corniest dad jokes and goofiest antics, but he just wanted his family to be cheerful and happy." Ginyn 

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The actor playing the appa: Kim Sung Kyun

8. Taek's dad in Reply 1988 

Aww, the quiet Mr. Choi. We'll never forget when he *proudly* wore those pink mittens Taek got him for his birthday! He was also the sweetest stepfather to Jin Ju and Seo Woo. 

The actor playing the appa: Choi Moo Sung

*Answers have been edited for clarity.


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