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You Have To See How This Pinoy TikToker *Collaborates* With Your Favorite K-Pop Groups!

Glen Versoza’s performance videos will keep you coming back for more (and more)!
Glen Versoza Pinoy Tiktoker
PHOTO: Glen Versoza

Like many K-pop fans, Glen Versoza, 21, started his love for the genre back when he was in high school. Girls' Generation and Apink were the first groups he stanned. He was drawn to the things we all adore about these Korean entertainment acts: Their visuals, creative music videos, and ~*amazing*~ choreography.

Glen’s still a student and aside from schoolwork, there’s another thing that's keeping him busy: TikTok. He has been a part of this platform since 2018—that was the time when the most popular songs to cover were “Dura,” “Scooby Doo Pa Pa,” and “Oh Na Na Na.”

Interview with Pinoy TikToker Glen Versoza
Glen Versoza

How he started being a TikToker

Glen shares, “Charli D'Amelio was the first TikToker I [followed] and because of her, I was inspired to make dance videos. I have always wanted to make dance videos with my favorite K-pop groups.” At first, he was just making skits alone or with his unwitting, adorable lola. He also did some dance covers and videos featuring original vs. edited clips with special graphic effects. Then Glen started editing himself into group pictures and shortly after, into fan cams and music videos. As of present, he has amassed 520,000+ followers and 5.8M likes on TikTok!

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On editing fan cam videos

It’s difficult to pinpoint who started the trend of K-pop parodies or editing yourself into a video of your K-pop idols, but it was most likely because of how much fans want to see them in person. Editing yourself into your idol’s videos is a creative way to channel that passion, just like the fangirls who would *put* themselves into their oppa’s arms! As Glen says, “It’s really fun dancing with [my K-pop idols] through [edited videos], and I'm so glad that I have editing skills that make [it possible].”


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? Lovesick Girls - BLACKPINK

In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines, Glen shares more about how he creates the dance videos, and his experience reaching more than half a million followers on TikTok.

Tell us about your planning process.

I don't really make plans when it comes to my content. I just look for a trending video, practice the choreography of the songs, film it, and edit. I do the songs or dances of K-pop groups that are popular and trending.

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What props and apps do you use?

I just use a green screen [made of green fabric, tacked to my walls and on the floor] and matching outfits. The application that I'm using is KINEMASTER. I don’t use any fancy equipment, too—I just use my phone to shoot and edit.

P.S: In the comments section of one of the behind-the-scenes of his TikTok videos, Glen shares that the green screen he uses is quite budget-friendly! “Alphagina cloth lang po ‘yan, 30 pesos per meter po, so I bought 10 meters. 300 pesos lahat.”

Does anyone help you?

No one! I do it all on my own.

What's the most difficult part of making your videos?

For me, it’s filming or shooting because I always make mistakes. Once I make a wrong step, I do it again and again until I make it perfect. And it's the hardest part for me. It usually only takes less than an hour to film it, but it depends on my performance and if I keep repeating the steps because of my mistakes.

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What's the most rewarding part of this creative project?

The most rewarding part is that my videos are [getting appreciated] in other countries, such as Indonesia, Spain, Mexico, etc.! 

What is your favorite TikTok video so far?

My favorite video is my dance choreography with BLACKPINK's "As If It’s Your Last" since it’s my video with the most likes so far. [As of writing,] it has gotten 1.1M likes and 6.4M views in just 20 days.


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? ????? - BLACKPINK

What's your dream project? Anything else you want to achieve?

I want to gain more followers, and also, I want to dance in a studio with a TikToker who also makes K-pop dance cover videos like me.

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