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9 K-Pop Songs By Fourth-Generation Idols That Will Give You Major LSS

9 K-Pop Songs By Fourth-Generation Idols That Will Give You Major LSS
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In recent years, the K-pop world is facing a ~huge transition~ as fourth-generation idols enter the entertainment industry. New K-pop acts are making it to megastardom even in the early stages of their career. It's a good sign that all the years they've spent in training are finally paying off! In case you're thinking about why they're reaching success in light speed, you might just want to go back to the very main reason why we are here in the first place—their music!

The anticipation for rookie groups is becoming more intense and it proves that K-pop has reached the next level *wink*. Fortunately, there is no room for disappointment because these fourth-generation idols always deliver. From debut songs to comebacks, we couldn't stop bopping to their highly addictive music releases! The rise of social media is also a contributor to making their tracks a hit.

Without further ado, here's our list of K-pop songs by fourth-generation idols that will give you major LSS:

1. "Polaroid Love" by ENHYPEN

In contrast to the septet's strong concepts, "Polaroid Love" features a soft and melodic tune that you can remember in an instant. This b-side went viral after a TikTok content creator made a choreography and started the #PolaroidLoveChallenge. Not only ENGENEs or TikTok users joined the trend, but ENHYPEN themselves made sure that they will have an entry. The stability on music platforms and charts can attest to the overwhelming prominence that this track has reached and is still reaching. There is no doubt that this song deserves to be on the list and just like what the lyrics says: We *love that vibe.*


‘Polaroid Love’ Selfie cam ver. - ENHYPEN

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2. "ELEVEN" by IVE

K-pop might be a competitive world to set foot in but Starship Entertainment's latest girl group marked a solid arrival with their debut song. "ELEVEN" may sound simple at first but the pre-chorus is definitely a killing part. The whole production crafted a masterpiece that we're not wondering why everyone's singing along to it and is also hooked on its choreography! This iconic debut will create great excitement on the next musical output of IVE. But for now, let's continue jamming to "One, two, three, four, five, six, make me feel like eleven."


3. "Darari" by TREASURE

It's noticeable that b-side tracks of fourth-generation groups are consistently going viral and "Darari" is the newest addition to that! The song is very heart fluttering and TREASURE's sweet vocals make it extra attractive. As of this writing, the #DarariChallenge is ongoing and peaking on TikTok—so start learning the steps and upload your entry because TREASURE themselves already did! We are definitely reciprocating and showing our love to the group and their much-awaited music video for this.

watch now


4. "Wa Da Da" by Kep1er

Another debut song, another slay! Fresh from being formed from the MNET's survival show, Girls Planet 999, Kep1er is here and they are running the game ~like a supersonic!~ The girls kicked off their career with "Wa Da Da" and what else can we say? They're giving us the fun and energy! The group is definitely putting a memorable *first impact* and making a great invitation that we should keep our eyes on them and watch their steps. Overall, the track is catchy enough to give listeners the LSS.

Kep1er ‘WA DA DA’ M/V

5. "Savage" by aespa

Since the day aespa came to the scene, these girls have been giving us the LSS that we need in our lives. The moment we heard Winter's "Oh my gosh! Don't you know I'm a savage?", we already knew that our "Savage" era has come. The track is such a wise move as a follow-up to the group's previous hit, "Next Level." With its edgy hooks and catchy lyrics, we could not stop ourselves from singing "Get me, get me now, get me, get me now (zu, zu, zu, zu)" (with matching hand choreography, haha!). We definitely get it by nowNaevis is with us and we are all inside Kwangya!


aespa Savage' MV


Serving as the repackage track for The Chaos Chapter: Fight Or Escape, TXT delivered again with "LO$ER=LOVER." The track might be Gen Z enough but the rock influence and overall production can surely cater to listeners from different generations. Ticking all the boxes, this song is not a loser as it surely passed the vibe check! No need for *crying, crying, crying* because we can confirm that we are all lovers not only of this song but of TXT!


7. "SWIPE" by ITZY

The queens are not wearing their crowns for nothing! "SWIPE" features an infectious sound that will get you really hooked. The way the ITZY sang it fits perfectly and showed their master on their craft. We cannot blame you if you will swipe your phone right after reading this to either listen to the song or watch the music video for a renewed experience. One thing is for sure: We know it's a bop and we are never going to swipe next!



8. "Happy Death Day" by Xdinary Heroes

We are not joking when we say that debut songs are making it on the list! Another entry is from JYP Entertainment's new boy band, Xdinary Heroes. If you are into the punk genre, "Happy Death Day" is the one for you. Packed with strong energy, this track will surprisingly give you major LSS! The "tra la la" part is highly addictive that it makes you want to jump as if the band is in front of you. We are lucky that Xdinary Heroes came to help us get through the worst days!

9. "Deja Vu" by ATEEZ

Do you get deja vu now that you see this track on the list? It might appear last but it's definitely not the least. "Deja Vu" falls on being a groovy and sexy track that has a memorable hook. The chorus part is something that you would want to listen all over again. ATEEZ explores a more mature side on this one but we can say that this concept is still in their area of expertise. Well, if you find yourself having the LSS, that's no surprise! It's another deja vu.


ATEEZ - ‘Deja Vu’ Official MV


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