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11 Of Our *Favorite* K-Drama OSTs That Never Fail To Tug At Our Heartstrings

These songs add more ~*feels*~ to K-drama scenes!
11 K-Drama OSTs Sung By K-Pop Idols

Have you ever found yourself binge-listening to OSTs right after you finished a K-drama because you can't seem to let go? Aside from our favorite actors and the compelling storyline, what makes the K-drama experience more remarkable are the OSTs. The songs make us feel the emotions while watching and allow us to remember particular scenes. It's proof of how music can move people.

One thing we love about K-dramas is that they offer a bunch of original soundtracks produced solely for a series. While many of us are having a moment listening to these songs, some people may not be aware that many OSTs were given life by K-pop idols. Since there are a lot of them, we listed down the songs from recent shows.

Here are 11 K-drama OSTs sung by K-pop idols:

1. "Love, Maybe" by Kim Sejeong (Business Proposal)

Let's start with one of the OSTs that by far, defined our 2022 K-drama experience. "Love, Maybe" will forever remind us of how we all fell in love with Business Proposal. It even became a viral TikTok dance craze. MeloMance and SECRET NUMBER's versions of the OST are both great but we can't deny that the female lead herself, Kim Sejeong, delivers a different satisfaction with her acoustic version. Her sweet vocals made us all feel like we are in the scene that we were watching.

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[MV] KIMSEJEONG_ Love, Maybe (Acoustic Ver.)(A Business Proposal OST Bonus Track)

2. "Christmas Tree" by BTS' V (Our Beloved Summer)

V recorded "Christmas Tree" as an OST for Our Beloved Summer, the K-drama that starred one of his great friends in Wooga Squad, Choi Woo Shik. The deep and heartfelt voice of the BTS member made us appreciate the romance between the main characters. The OST not only achieved domestic success but also charted in different countries. 

V - Christmas Tree

3. "Love Sight" by TXT (Doom At Your Service)

Aside from giving us their own highly-produced music, TXT can also deliver a great K-drama OST, proving that they are one of the fourth-generation frontrunners. The moment Taehyun started singing in "Love Sight," a wonderful listening experience is already guaranteed. Overall, the five members performed amazingly with their soothing voices in this ballad. We couldn't be more obsessed not just with this OST but also with the perfection of the K-drama itself.


4. "Stardust Love Song" by TWICE's Jihyo (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

Next on the list is an OST from TWICE's leader and main vocalist, Park Jihyo. She embodied all the emotions and sang "Stardust Love Song" very passionately. This masterpiece marked her first OST and what else can we say? Jihyo successfully captured our hearts with her heavenly voice!

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(TWICE) - Stardust love song M/V

5. "With You" by BTS' Jimin and Ha Sungwoon (Our Blues)

When two equally-talented artists come together, we can only expect the best. This is exactly what happened in the OST collaboration between BTS' Park Jimin and former Wanna One member Ha Sungwoon. "With You" was performed with both English and Korean lyrics. Known to many, these two are great friends and it's no wonder why their sweet vocals complemented each other the same way their personalities matched.

[MV] (Jimin) X (Ha Sung-Woon) - With you | (Our Blues) OST Part 4

6. "Always, Be With You" by MAMAMOO's Solar (Lovers Of The Red Sky)

Every time we hear the voice of a MAMAMOO member, the immediate impression would be *powerful vocals.* As expected, Solar made us all satisfied with her angelic rendition of her OST for Lovers Of The Red Sky. She perfectly represents the situation between the two lovers through her singing. "Always, Be With You" effortlessly made it to Solar's brilliant array of musical masterpieces.

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[MV] Solar(MAMAMOO) _ Always, be with you(OST Part.2)

7. "Yours" by BTS' Jin (Jirisan)

From the lyrics ("Every time I see you in my heart, every time I do I end up crying") to the way Jin interpreted the song, "Yours" definitely has it all to give us a good cry. His calm and soft voice is like a lullaby that we can't stop listening to at night. While we are here, let us send all the manifestation that one day, Mr. Worldwide Handsome, will also sing an OST for a K-drama in which he's also the male lead character. *fingers crossed*

[OST] Part.4 - Yours (Official)

8. "Is It Still Beautiful" by SEVENTEEN's DK, Woozi, and Seungkwan (Hospital Playlist 2)

SEVENTEEN is undoubtedly a group with a strong vocal line. "Is It Still Beautiful" is an OST for Hospital Playlist and members DK, Woozi, and Seungkwan beautifully blended their voices so that listeners can clearly feel the sincerity. Their special connection as bandmates radiates in their performance of the song and they easily captivate our hearts to connect with the music.

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SEVENTEEN OST Part 8 Official MV

9. "You Are Mine" by VICTON (Business Proposal)

VICTON's member Choi Byungchan Is actually part of the Business Proposal cast as the younger brother of Sejeong's character. He did not only appear in the K-drama but he brought his members Seungsik and Sejun alongside him to sing the OST, "You Are Mine." As always, the boys did not disappoint plus the song's melody is very easy to listen to. 

[MV] VICTON _ You Are Mine(A Business Proposal OST Part.2)

10. "Starlight" by NCT's Taeil (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

Another OST from Twenty Five, Twenty One is by Taeil of NCT. Listening to "Starlight" will take you on a magical ride. The chorus part where Taeil sang "You are my starlight, you are my sunshine" is so reassuring and it's like there is someone who appreciates you. Heartwarmingly, the song also gives off nostalgic vibes that we all love.

[MV] (TAEIL) - Starlight / Official Music Video

11. "Here Always" by Stray Kids' Seungmin (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha)

If you are in love, this song is probably something you would want to play on repeat to dedicate to your other half. Stray Kids' main vocalist Seungmin has fascinated us with his delivery of "Here Always," proving that he is indeed a fine singer.

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[Part 7] Stray Kids - Here Always MV


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