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Solenn And Nico Get Real About Their ~Sex Life~ After Having A Baby

'I'm a little bit scared and I'm not yet ready to be quite honest.'
PHOTO: YouTube/Solenn Heussaff

We love Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico because they're as real as they can be on social media. We've gone through their journey as newlyweds to being parents to their many pets to being actual parents to their adorable daughter, Thylane Katana. Now that their baby is eight months old, Solenn and Nico released a vlog that busts several ~parenting myths~ based on their own experiences. "As parents, it's super easy to think about all the mistakes you're making," Solenn wrote on her website. "But I guess I want to say that we can all definitely go easier on ourselves, focus less on the 'mistakes,' and think of our new lives as parents as one big learning thing."


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So what myths did they bust? Here's a rundown of some of them: Solenn's feet didn't grow bigger during her pregnancy, but they did get wider; Even though they didn't expect it at first, parenting came naturally to both Nico and Solenn; Yes, they talk about Thylane ALL THE TIME (#noshame); They didn't "let themselves go" health-wise, although neither of them takes the time to dress up anymore; Solenn is a SUPERMOM but Nico doesn't leave her to do all the parentinghe's there to support her in everything.  

Well, they got even more candid when they talked about their sex lifeor lack thereof. Myth number three stated that "having a baby ruins your sex life." Nico went on to say that decision to have sex after childbirth must come from the mom aka Solenn: "For me, after women give birth, it's on them. We just need to wait as long as they need because we didn't go through pregnancy. We support their pregnancy. We have nothing to do with going through pregnancy. So they are the bosses. If they want to go back into the action, we should be ready. If they want to wait, we should be ready. If they want to try and then they stop, we should be ready. If they want to go in a different direction than they used to before, we should be ready."

Solenn then revealed that she's still "scared" to have sex because of the C-section she underwent when she gave birth to Thylane. "Personally, when I was C-sectionedand I don't know if it's subconsciously in my headbut we are chopped down there from nine different layers," she said. "So, I'm a little bit scared and I'm not yet ready to be quite honest. I know it's been quite a while, and some moms are gonna be like, 'What the?!' But that's the truth."

Nico closed off the topic by saying, "I'm ready, I'm waiting, and I'm not in a rush."

And this is why they are the most AMAZING couple ever.

To watch Solenn and Nico's full vlog, click here!


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