We Think We Know The *Exact* Release Date Of 'The King: Eternal Monarch'

We did some calculations!
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The much-anticipated K-dramaThe King: Eternal Monarch, will be arriving on Netflix Philippines this April! And now the only question on everyone's mind is: When will that be, exactly?

Soompi reports that The King: Eternal Monarch will be taking over the timeslot of Hyena (starring Ju Ji Hoon and Kim Hye Soo) after its final episode airs on South Korean channel Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS). 

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Okay, so hear me out: Hyena is also on Netflix. You know how the streaming site shows the exact dates of when new episodes of ongoing dramas will be airing, right? Hyena eps usually arrive on Fridays and Saturdays every week, and its last two episodes, Episodes 15 and 16, are scheduled to hit Netflix on April 10 and 11.

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SO, that must mean that the first two episodes of The King: Eternal Monarch will be available a week after thaton April 17 and 18. That's just three more weeks of waiting left. Daebak

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Lee Min Ho's comeback drama tells the story of two parallel universes and features an emperor named Lee Gon who seeks to "seal the gateway between dimensions," and a police detective called Jung Tae-eul (Kim Go Eun), who only wants to protect people's lives. 

The show is penned by famous scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook, who previously worked on the dramas Goblin and Descendants Of The SunIt also stars Woo Do HwanKim Kyung Nam, and Jung Eun Chae.

Watch the teaser trailer for The King: Eternal Monarch here: 


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