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Here's What The Cast Of 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo' Is Up To Now

Catch up with the ~swag~ leads and supporting actors!
PHOTO: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo/MBC

Can you believe it's been almost three years since Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo premiered? The coming-of-age rom-com got the kilig going by reminding us of our first crushes and first loves. It also made us reminisce about those good ol' school days with our own ~swag~ crew and our passionate dreams.

Likewise, the WFKBJ series introduced us to stars who we'll always watch for because of their amazing talents and stunning looks. Curious what they've been up to lately? Catch up with their recent projects below!

Lee Sung Kyung

This gorgeous fairy—who turned 29 on August 10—played Kim Bok Joo. It was such a refreshing and memorable portrayal, especially after her kontrabida roles prior to WFKBJ.

ICYMI, her most recent K-drama was About Time (2018). In the fantasy drama, she played Choi Michaela, a musical actress with a supernatural ability and an unfortunate fate involving time. While pursuing her career, she meets Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon), a man who changes her life and captures her heart.


Aside from the K-drama last year, Lee Sung Kyung starred in two movies after playing Kim Bok Joo. She was paired with veteran actor Yoo Hae Jin and Kim Min Jae in the cutesy rom-com Love+Sling (2018). She also played a rookie detective with the ever-sassy Ra Mi Ran in Girl Cops (2019). She even won a Special Popularity Award in the 24th Chunsa Film Art Awards for the latter film.

Together with this year's influx of oppa invasions, Sung Kyung also held her recent fan meet in Manila on July 27. The Be Joyful tour surely delighted her fans, who were obviously still hung up over Weightlifting Fairy.

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No word yet on her upcoming dramas or films. What keeps her busy these days are her back-to-back photoshoots for magazines and several ads. Here's one from Dazed Korea's August 2019 issue:

She also made a guest appearance on a Korean variety show called Player.


Nam Joo Hyuk

The charming actor played Jung Joon Hyung who won Bok Joo's heart after much persistence and pa-cute. Like Sung Kyung, he recently starred in a fantasy drama involving time, too.

The Light in Your Eyes aka Dazzling (2019) revolves around the life of Kim Hye Ja played by Han Ji Min. She gets into an accident and suddenly transforms into a 70-year-old (played by the real-life Kim Hye Ja). Nam Joo Hyuk's character shares Hye Ja's dream of becoming a reporter, but his life has been lackluster. The 12-episode mellow series revolves around the story of how they met and figured life out together.

He's also busy looking swoon-worthy at various shoots for brands he endorses. Recently, local brand Penshoppe released a neon collection modeled by the actor.


Joo Hyuk will also appear as a guest in a new episode of the reality show Three Meals A Day: Mountain Village.

What you can look forward to is his upcoming Netflix Original series School Nurse Ahn Eun Young. He's partnered up with actress Jung Yu Mi, who portrays a nurse that possesses a power to chase ghosts. The production of the mystery series is set to be completed this year. It's expected to air on the first half of 2020 (along with a few other Korean original series on Netflix).


The Other Weightlifting Fairy Cast Members

You probably remember the epic line, "Do you like Messi?" Lee Jae Yoon, who played Joon Hyung's older brother and Bok Joo's first crush, was on the receiving end of this line. Along with being busy with his cute dog and his sporty lifestyle, he recently starred in the historical period drama Joseon Survival (2019).


Joon Hyung's ex-girlfriend and Bok Joo's roommate, on the other hand, was played by Kyung Soo Jin. She actually reunited with Jae Yoon as a cast member of Joseon Survival!

Lee Joo Young was cast as Bok Joo's boyish friend in the drama. Her recent activities include dying her hair silver (so gorgeous!) and scoring a supporting role in The Ghost Detective, which aired last year. Watch for the upcoming movie Maggie where she's finally playing the lead!

Bok Joo's fried chicken-loving friend, on the other hand, was played by Cho Hye Jung. Her latest public appearance was in 2018 for a movie entitled, Soldier's Mementos.

Remember Joon Hyung's loyal and cheerful friend? The actor behind the minor role was Ji Il Joo. Early this year, he led a drama with actress Yoon Eun Hye entitled, Go Go Song. The dashing and multitalented actor also directed Pride, a film set to be released in Korea in September.


Bok Joo's weightlifting team captain was portrayed by Oh Eui Sik. You've probably seen him in more than one drama this year, as he's always been a versatile supporting actor. He was the husband who was divorced by the lead in Romance Is a Bonus Book. He was the housemate of a star composer in When the Devil Calls Your Name. And he was the manager of the infamous actress played by Yoo In Na in Touch Your Heart.


Another frequent supporting actor, Choi Moo Sung, played the weightlifting team's coach. He starred in several projects this year including three movies: A Resistance, Long Live The King, and Scent of Ghost. He also starred in old-world K-dramas like Nokdu Flower and the Netflix Original series, Arthdal Chronicles.

Ahn Kil Kang played Bok Joo's appa (father). The actor has been busy with a couple of series: Watcher and—together with WFKBJ co-cast member Choi Moo Sung—Nokdu Flower. He also starred in a movie premiering this month, Cheer Up, Mr. Lee, which is top-billed by actor Cha Seung Won.

Jang Young Nam was the strong female assistant coach who had random funny moments in WFKBJ. This year, she starred in a couple of dramas, The Crowned Clown and My Country. She was also in two films: Innocent Witness and the thriller Metamorphosis. The actress is also part of the cast of the much-anticipated movie starring Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum, Seo Bok.


Here's another face we're sure you're familiar with if you're an avid K-drama fan: Kang Ki Young. He was Bok Joo's samcheon (uncle) who helped cook all those fried chicken in the series. Over the years after Weightlifting Fairy, he was in various series playing either fun or crazy (or both) roles. He was Park Seo Joon's BFF in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018) and Yoo Seung Ho's childhood bestie in I'm Not a Robot (2017 to 2018). This year, he was in the drama At Eighteen and a couple of movies—Exit and Crazy Romance.

Oh BTW, in her press conference for Be Joyful in Manila in July, Lee Sung Kyung was asked if it was possible to have a Season 2 of Weightlifting Fairy. She said she would discuss it with the director. Think it could happen? Let's all cross our fingers and hope so!

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