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8 Yoon Shi Yoon K-Dramas You Should Watch Right Now

The star celebrates his birthday on September 26.
K-dramas starring Yoo Shi Yoon

You might remember Yoon Shi Yoon from his stint on 2 Days & 1 Night, where his castmates affectionately called him by his birth name, Dong Gu. He was so good he won both a Rookie award and a Top Entertainer award for his run on the show. But, of course, Shi Yoon shines best when he’s doing what he loves most: Acting. When it comes to dramas, he has done all sorts of roles from flower boys to idols to psychopaths, and he makes us root for him every time. Check out this list for some of our favorite Yoon Shi Yoon dramas.

Early Projects

1. King Of Baking, Kim Takgu (2010)

Who else is in it: Eugene, Joo Won, Lee Young Ah

Shi Yoon got his first big break when he landed the role of Takgu in this iconic drama. The viewer ratings were so high, making his popularity explode and even landing him a spot as North Chungcheong Province’s promotional ambassador, along with his co-star, Lee Young Ah. He also won several acting awards, including Grand Prize at the Korean Entertainment Culture Awards. The drama goes through Takgu’s colorful and often painful life as the illegitimate eldest son of a huge food company’s chairman. While on the search for his mother, he learns how to bake and starts making a name for himself. His half-brother, Majun (Joo Won), tries to thwart him every step of the way.

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2. Flower Boy Next Door (2013)

Who else is in it: Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji Hoon, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Seul Gi

Flower Boy Next Door is the third installment of tvN’s “flower boy” series. Shi Yoon plays cheerful gaming genius Enrique from Spain, who stays at his cousin Tae Joon’s place when he comes to Korea. While there, he catches copy editor Dok Mi (Shin Hye) spying on him from the apartment opposite their building. Dok Mi is a recluse with a secret past and a crush on Tae Joon. With Enrique’s help, she starts opening herself up to the world again. Bonus: Flower of Evil fans will recognize Kim Ji Hoon in the cast. He plays artist Jin Rak who draws a webtoon called Flower Boy Next Door, detailing his own crush on his neighbor, Dok Mi.

3. Secret Healer (2016)

Who else is in it: Kim Sae Ron, Lee Sung Jae, Yum Jung Ah, Kwak Si Yang

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This historical drama marked Shi Yoon’s return from completing his mandatory military service. It’s a reimagining of the younger years of royal physician Heo Jun, who wrote an encyclopedia for Eastern medicine. In Secret Healer, Heo Jun is the son of a nobleman and a slave woman, so he suffers mistreatment. As he wanders the mountains one night, he discovers a magical mirror and a beautiful maiden living alone. This is Yeon Hwi (Sae Ron), a cursed royal princess everyone thought was dead, whose fate is tied that of her twin brother. Together, Heo Jun and Yeon Hwi try to break her curse.

4. Hit The Top (2017)

Who else is in it: Lee Se Young, Kim Min Jae, Cha Tae Hyun

Yoo Hyun Jae (Shi Yoon) is the more popular half of idol duo J2 in 1994. One night, he suddenly disappears and finds himself time-traveling to 2017. As he figures out a way to go back to the past, he must first do his best to live in the future. He gets help from Lee Gwang Jae (Tae Hyun), his manager from the ‘90s who now has his own entertainment company. Gwang Tae’s adopted son, Ji Hoon (Min Jae), and his friend, Woo Seung (Se Young), become his confidantes along the way.

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5. The Nokdu Flower (2019)

Who else is in it: Jo Jung Suk, Han Ye Ri

This sageuk is set during the time of the Donghak Peasant Revolution and tells the story of two half-brothers fighting on different sides of the Battle of Ugeumchi. The elder brother, Yi Kang (Jung Suk), is the illegitimate son of the district magistrate and his wife’s handmaid. Because of this, Yi Kang gets maltreated and no one even calls him by name. Shi Yoon plays Yi Hyun, the younger brother and legitimate son, who has a good education and reputation. Despite their situation, the brothers care about each other, but with the advent of war, both of them start changing—and not always for the better.

6. Psychopath Diary (2019)

Who else is in it: Jung In Sun, Park Sung Hoon

This drama is a thriller with a hilarious premise. Yook Dong Sik (Shi Yoon) is a weak-willed analyst who gets disrespected at work but can’t do anything about it. One night, he witnesses a murder and inadvertently picks up the killer’s diary. While on the run, he gets hit by a car and loses his memories, making him think the diary is his. He becomes more assertive, believing he’s a cold-blooded psychopath. What happens when he crosses paths with the real murderer?

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Recent Projects

7. Train (2020)

Who else is in it: Kyung Soo Jin, Shin So Yul, Lee Hang Na

Shi Yoon shows his versatility in this fantasy thriller that has him playing two versions of himself. Seo Do Won is a police officer who’s super serious about his job. When he loses prosecutor Seo Kyung (Soo Jin), the woman he loves, to a murderer, he becomes obsessed with finding the killer. His investigation leads him to a parallel universe where he exists as a corrupt senior police inspector while Seo Kyung is a detective who loathes him. Can Do Won save her this time around?

8. You Raise Me Up (2021)

Who else is in it: EXID's Hani, Park Ki Woong, Lee Ji Won

You Raise Me Up is Shi Yoon’s first web drama, which tackles more adult themes. In it, he plays Yong Sik, a man in his 30s whose appearance has changed after years of preparing for the civil exam. He is also unfortunately impotent. To address the latter, he visits a urology clinic where he meets urologist Ru Da (Hani), who just happens to be his first love. Ru Da starts helping him gain confidence in himself again. Will they fall in love with each other along the way?

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