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5 Common Food Myths

Don't be fooled! Believing these misconceptions can interfere with your diet.

Is eating sugar everyday really bad for you? Apparently not.

We attended the 2013 Nestle Choose Wellness Expo and learned five common food myths as shared by Nestle Philippines, Inc. Corporate Wellness Head Leslie Go-Alcantara:

1. Rice that has stood for some time is fattening.
This is not true. All food when eaten in excess is fattening because of the intake of unneeded calories.

2. Drinking cold water can make fat congeal and cause a blockage in the heart.
In reality, water cannot cause fat to solidify when you drink it because it takes on the same temperature as the body. In fact, cold water is more easily absorbed by the body than warm or hot water.

3. Sugar causes diabetes.
False. The three major factors that cause diabetes are being overweight or obese, family history, and the lack of physical activity.

4. It is bad to eat sugar and sweet food everyday.
Fortunately for sugar-lovers, this is a misconception. According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), the recommended daily intake of sugar is five to eight teaspoons. Nevertheless, keep in mind that moderation, variety, and balance are essential to a healthy diet.

5. If you want to lose weight, you should skip meals.
This is a big no-no. Skipping meals may even be counterproductive. As mentioned earlier, the proper way to lose weight is through moderation, variety, and balance. Make adjustments in your diet and get rid of unwanted calories by eliminating unhealthy food. And don't forget to exercise! Together, exercise and a well-balanced diet will ensure that you're on your way to a better, healthier you.

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Source: Leslie Go-Alcantara (2013 Nestle Choose Wellness Expo)

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