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Why You're Always Sleepy After Lunch

The type of carbs you eat during lunch matters a lot.
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Isn’t it such a hassle when you’re on a roll, checking things off your to-do list, then 3:00 p.m. comes along and you suddenly can’t focus on work? So apart from procrastinating and checking your Facebook every 30 minutes—or, if we’re keeping it real, every 15—you also reach for your second or third cup of coffee just so you can avoid napping in your cube. Well, the reason why you’re so sleepy in the afternoon could be what you’re eating for lunch.

The type of carbs you eat during lunch matters A LOT. White rice, white bread, pastas, and noodles—these are all refined carbs, which don’t have enough fiber or protein. Fiber and protein are what keep you full and energized. Refined carbs, on the other hand, are packed with sugar, so hours after consumption, you experience a crash from that sugar rush. Other people stick to veggies for lunch—this is ALSO a mistake. Again, you’re missing much needed protein.

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Most people—us included—also opt for quick and easy meals, so we turn to fast food. Eating too much of high-fat foods leads to bloating. Because your body is too focused on digesting that food, all your energy goes to that instead of doing actual work to keep you from crashing.

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Or you could just give in and celebrate siesta time. LOL! 

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